Character Details - Dame Dark

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Lady Guinevere Giavonni was orginally a Welsh princess of the line of the rulers of Camelot. She and her handmaiden, lady Mary Daley, traveled in exile from the north to the sothern plains of the Nile. Along her journey she met a Viking warrior who became her protector along the long trip. He was handsome and noble and quiet. At the Mouth of the Nile she told him of her feeling for him and he looked surprised and sad. He revealed to her that he was not what he seemed but a great horrid beast. He showed her his true from and she did not shy away but found she loved him even more.

He took her as his wife to a fortess at the beginning of the Nile, where they lived together for a time. She bore him a son while he was away, which ...much to her surprise... was a three headed serpant. (His father had only one head that she had seen at the time. It was MUCH later that she found out her new husband had many heads). He  like his fatehr could assume  the form of a human and did so most of the time in his mother's presence.  Her daugher only has two heads and spends most of her time in her dragon form.

Guinevere herself is a long brunette-haired female with grass green eyes and deep tan complexion,  five foot four inches tall with a strong body and a stronger will. She has survive many trials and triblations in her life, the least of which was bearing  and raising two draconic children alone. She has lived far longer than a human normally does, for she was born in the early 12th century and it is now the 21st. She has been secluded from most of the world and she has only recently left her African forest home for ArenaWorld.

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