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Ascar Isilrauko
"Impetuous Moondemon" (Elven name)
Half Moon Elf, Half Fire Demon
Appears to be elven equivilent "pre-teen" (less than 25yrs. old)
Height/Weight: size of small boy, weight somewhat lighter than appears
Hair/Eyes: Hair deep lavender ranging to ultraviolet/ eyes dancing flames
Elven lithe build and small elven ears, with fine facial features - looks boyishly young.
Complexion: Purple with black markings, small purple horns, purple spines down his back, and a spiked tail, small short claws
Entire appearance is rather striking

No weapons beyond the magic and physical ones he was hatched with. Could employ random found objects as weapons, if needed.
All the innate abilities of a Fire Demon and of a Moon Elf. The Moon Elf ability to control water and tides cancles out the Fire Demon weakness against water. Remaining weaknesses include cold and ice, among a few others. Teleportation, Planar Shift, Telekinesis up to 5lbs. of matter. Regenerates lost/severely damaged body parts. Strengthened by fire, heat, moonlight. Innate ability to drain the life-force from other beings (see bit on personality below). Limited telepathy - allows for linguistic comprehension, not mind-reading.
Physically, ages slower than a Moon Elf; mentally, matures faster than a Fire Demon.

Chaotic personality. Acts somewhat like an Imp or an Incubus; only tries to tempt others into performing mildly violent actions. When they do, he absorbs a small portion of their life-forces, effectively draining a little of their lives away. The greater the acts of violence, the greater the drain on his victims' lives. If his own life is in danger, he could drain the life out of his attackers.


Hatched from an egg -neither parent had any hand in raising him. Lucked up and got a job doing small errands for an older, more powerful demon who feeds and protects him in return. It was his boss who gave him an elven name - Ascar Isilrauko - usually shortened to Isil. He often rides around within an inter-dimensional pocket in his boss' cloak or overcoat, ready to come out and perform whatever small tasks his boss might assign him - or ready to eat whatever food his boss might offer. When not in the dimensional pocket, he is usually doing his boss' will,... or goofing off and getting into trouble. Like most demons, he is turning out to be bi; though a good part of that may be due to how he gains life energy (see life-force draining ability above).

When encountered without his boss, Isil could be performing some assigned task - or freelancing for his own benefit. Naturally curious and drawn to adventures of all sorts, he doesn't tend to think before he acts - or speaks. His hunger for life energy drives him to goad others into small acts of violence (usually directed at himself), so he can drain away small bits of their lives. (imagine an irritating snot-nosed kid who keeps pestering you until you pop it - then it sucks a few weeks of your life away.) In most relationships, Isil will NOT be the dominant party. He will act the part of a submissive - if irritatingly chaotic - youth; a follower, not a leader. Isil is drawn to any potentially violent person or situation; though he is NOT suicidal - some things are best left ALONE.


Fire Demon Info:

There are two types of Fire Demons; those with wings, and those without wings. Those with wings tend to be more powerful, less predictable, and more widely feared. The winged version also have two sets of horns sprouting from their heads. All Fire Demons have spiked tails, spines down their backs, claws, horns, and are roughly humanoid in build. They are normally colored in glowing shades of flame - reddish orange, yellowish with touches of pale blue. They are highly intelligent, have limited telepathy, and possess magical abilities, including Create Fire, Polymorph, Planar Travel, Life-Force Drain, and Teleportation. A few Fire Demons even have telekinesis, able to lift varying weights with their minds. The presence of a Fire Demon tends to cause spontaneous combustion of nearby flammable materials. All Fire Demons tend to have high body temperatures, making them easy to notice with infra vision. No matter what form they take on, their eyes always dance with unnatural flames. Fire Demons are not flesh and blood as we understand it, nor alive as we know it, making it difficult to actually kill them. Their actual life-forces aren’t held in what we perceive as their bodies - they’re contained within a particular type of rare element gemstone. Finding the correct gemstone for the particular Fire Demon you want to slay can be nearly impossible - and exceedingly hazardous to your health. Unless completely slain - the gemstone is discolored and ground to a fine, grey powder - Fire Demons regenerate. The more intense a fire they can envelope themselves in, the quicker they recover from injuries.

Fire Demons share a kinship with Fire and Lava Elementals, which gives the Fire Demons the ability to call upon and command(or ask) these Elemental beings to do their bidding. Fire Demons also have control over all non-magical fires - including volcanoes, geysers, geothermal vents, et al - within a given radius. A powerful enough Fire Demon may even deflect magical fires, remaining unscathed as the flames part to avoid striking it.

Fire Demons are strengthened by the presence of fire in any amount - even a lit match or smouldering ember. They are weakened by quantities of water, ice, snow, hail, or exposure to extreme cold. The size of the Fire Demon is usually a good indication of how powerful it is - and a rough idea of how much water, snow, or ice/hail it will take to weaken it.

As a type of demon, Fire Demons are not known to have any form of organized culture or government; generally the strongest among them rule over their weaker brethren.


Moon Elf Info:

Moon Elves are a variation on the general elf-type. They are lighter shades of pale blue, with some almost a pale blueish-silvery coloration. They tend to be built more lightly than other elves, appearing slender when seen beside their other kin. Moon Elves also tend to have smaller pointed ears than other elves, and their eyes tend to be silvery-grey. Like all elves, they possess magical aptitude, infra vision, quick reflexes, and very long life spans. However, their ties to the moon grant them ultra vision(ultraviolet spectrum) and unusual power over the ebb and flow of water and tides. Moon Elves can freely control any nearby water, even preventing it from soaking into the ground or evaporating. The Moon Elf nation once generated and controlled a tsunami to wipe out another nation they were at war with. Afterwards, they claimed the then-scoured clean lands for themselves, and set about replanting the forests.

Moon Elves are weakened by quantities of fire - including volcanoes, et al - and strengthened by the presence of water, or moonlight. They can Create Water, call upon Water Elementals for aid, and vanish from sight when they step into a beam of moonlight. Moon Elves also use the light of the moon - ANY moon - to travel, making it possible for them to go anywhere where the light of ANY moon shines down. Doing this requires that the Moon Elf first step into a beam of moonlight. Moon Elves are generally rare, few in number, with low birth rates - even for elves. They mature slowly - even a bit slower than their other elven kin - not reaching their "teens" until they are 30 to 45 years old.

Silver - or mythril, when they can get it - is the preferred material of choice for creating the beautiful, delicate - but strong - items for which the Moon Elves are widely known. In the hands of their trained artisans, the metal seems to flow, taking on nearly organic qualities which give the illusion of life to all their masterwork creations. Items they plan to keep and use themselves usually have quantities of perfect moonstones made into them. It is widely thought that these moonstones are used to store spells, or somehow capture, store, and use the light of the moon as a source of power, for those times when the moon is dark - or absent from the sky. Moon Elves are highly intelligent, with a loose form of self-governance - those with the knowledge and experience to deal with a given situation do so, as those lacking such experience and knowledge generally defer to them. Culturally, Moon Elves are very private, never allowing any non-Moon Elves to participate in or observe the details of their daily lives. They are rarely encountered, unless they are on a trading trip or are youths out on an adventure.

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