Character Details - Aquitain

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Physical Description:
*Name: Aquitain
*Race: Felinumeara
*Clan: Leopard
*Age: 150
Apparent Age (if different): 21
*Height: 6'3"
*Build: lean, muscular
*Weight: 225lbs
*Hair: Golden Blond
*Eyes: Green
*Pelt Pattern: Yellow with spots
*Identifying Marks (if present): N/A
*Clothing: Tanned loin cloth when around humans. Otherwise he doesn't wear any clothes.
*Personal Items usually carried: dagger strapped to right thigh, long knife at his hip, dagger strapped to his left and right bicep

Personal Information:
*Personality: Curious (almost insatiably so), considerate, easy going
*Occupation: Mercenary
*Skills and Abilities: Tooth & Claw, hand to hand, hunting, tracking, enough herb lore to know what not to eat, and basic healing.
*Weapons Used: Long knife, dagger

Background Information:
*History: Aquitain's mother died when he was very young and his father (uncharacteristically) became a drunk and abandoned his family spending most of his time at a brothel called The Dream House in the town of Rumleigh. Due to the absence of his parents Aquitain was raised by his older brothers.

He has just completed his schooling with the Shia's as well as his Ceremony of Jumia where, oddly, he was not given an occupation for reasons only known to his goddess, The Great Weaver.

Upon returning to the Leopard village he and his brothers meat Kellin De'Stranna and chose to aid him in the killing of Mayor Argus if Rumleigh. It was during this time that his father, after abusing one the wife of one of the Vu'K'Tor, was killed by Lyme Tssaran. At this time his brother Thrace fell in love with and mated Kellin's sister-in-law Thyne Swift. Since the brothers did not claim any connection to their father due to his dishonorable actions of abandoning his family and becoming a drunk they all agreed to accept Thyne's last name of Swift as their own.

Once the mayor was dead and the group returned to the central village of the felinumeara Kellin offered Aquitain a position as one of the Vu'K'Tor, which the young leopard male readily accepted.

*Marital Status: Single
*Children: N/A
Aer'Fei'Kno - Brizon, Pharaoh, and Thrace (brothers)
As a member of the Vu’K’Tor Aquitain has the odd bond shared by the other members. It acts as a warning or homing beckon inside his head letting him know when one is in danger and how to find them.
Caesar A'Qui (Ah Cue)- Deceased
Lizette Mer'Ar - Deceased

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