Character Details - Vermontson d'Toro

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Physical Description:
*Name: Vermontson d’Toro (name used among other life-forms; real name can not be written)
Meaning of Name: d’Toro - "of the Bulls" - signifies his long-term involvement with minotaurs.
*Race: Unknown
*Age: At least several thousand years
Apparent Age (if different): Early middle-aged... maybe.
*Height: At his tallest, 18ft.; never known to be less than 10ft. tall. Can vary height as needed within those limitations.

*Build/Weight: Very roughly humanoid - extra limbs, tentacle-like structures, tail; spines and horn-like growths sprouting from body and head. Additional sensory organs. Weight estimated to be roughly one metric ton.

*Hair: Vermontson has a thick mane of black hair - which is motile.

*Eyes: 16 or so purple-ish black glowing orbs are presumed to be his eyes; some are on motile stalks.

Complexion: Glistening, some-what translucent but dry umber-hued rubbery mantle

*Identifying Marks (if present): Hard to say - having no others to compare him to.

Clothing: Vermontson NEVER wears a gravsuit or a vaccsuit - no matter what the environment - or lack of environment - he finds himself in. He is usually seen in finely tailored suits - made by the creature known only as "E" - and always looks impressive, whether doing business or pleasure.

Personal Items usually carried: Emblem of House d’Toro on ArenaWorld, some sort of comm device.

Personal Information:

*Occupation: Founding Owner of House d’Toro on ArenaWorld

*Skills and Abilities: Vermontson d’Toro has a way of making things happen - exactly as he says they will. Whether this is some latent precognition or a form of altering reality, no one knows.

*Weapons Used: Vermontson can employ nearly any weapon ever created - though he has only been known to use weapons twice. He much prefers intimidation or financial arrangements over physical violence - though he does not back down if he feels the need for it to insure things happen as he has said they will. He simply has no need of weapons under most circumstances - his own physical form provides him with all the armament he usually requires.

Background Information:

*History: Little is know about Vermontson before his arrival on ArenaWorld a few thousand years ago. Even his racial identity is unknown, as no one can claim to have ever seen any other beings like him, anywhere or when in any of the known multiverses. He never seemed to have married, although he DOES have a son (or did, before said son nearly ruined him by losing his holdings on ArenaWorld). It should be noted that his son was obviously a half-breed, bearing enough resemblance to Vermontson to reveal their relationship. Since arriving on ArenaWorld, Vermontson has been the only reason any (legal) offworld interests have become involved.
*Marital Status: Unknown
*Children: One son
*Blood or Soul Bonds: Unknown

*Personality: House d'Toro was the honor upon which ArenaWorld was initially built. Vermontson arrived shortly after Mikhial and it was he who made the trade agreements, and other business arrangements that kept ArenaWorld working on a multiversal level. All event transmission deals were negotiated on his word that they would bring forth profits and Vermontson's word was golden, for if Vermontson said it would happen, it would.
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