Character Details - Delphinium "Delphi"

Written by Rhiannon KTralCreated : 21-Jul-2008 9:36:26 pm
Last Edited : 22-Jul-2008 7:18:16 pm

*Name: Delphinium
*Nick Name: Delphi
*Age: 8453
Apparent Age (if different): 25
*Height: 3'6"
*Build: Lithe, curvy, sensual, extremely feminine
*Ears: Pointed
*Weight: 45 lbs.
*Hair: Blue Black
*Eyes: Lavender
*Complexion: Light Olive
*Clothing: Bandanna sized triangular cloth over her chest tied in back. Bandanna sized triangular cloth tied in a knot over one hip.
*Personal Items usually carried: Silver charm necklace of a star shaped flower, delphinium.
*Marks: birthmark that looks like a tattoo on the small of her back just above her bottom of a purple delphinium flower.
Personal Information:

*Personality: Sensual, Flirtatious, Adventurous
*Occupation: Courtesan/ Instructor
*Skills: Anything that has to do with sex
*Magical Abilities: Lure, Nature manipulation, Growth, Camouflage
*Weapons Used: Magic

* Note: When Delphi speaks it is usually with a slightly German sounding accent.
Uses the following people's images for their avatars:

Monica Belucci