Character Details - Viviane Westerly Riker

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Name: Viviane Westerly Riker
Meaning of Name: Lively
Race: TIF human, Khazani
Age: 28
Height: 5' 9/175cm
Build/Weight: sculpted and curvy, about 145lb/65kg
Hair: vivid blood red
Eyes: brown
Complexion: pale
Identifying Marks (if present): Tattoo of entwined lovers between her shoulderblades
Clothing: Usually, expensive tailored dresses with an emphasis on grace and sensuality


Viviane is a very hard person to get to know. Her public demeanour is polite but smooth. She will readily demonstrate intelligence, a very dry sense of humour, and a wryness bordering on cynicism.

Underneath this, she is more insecure, believing most people's treatment of her is motivated by her fame, her beauty, and her family. She can be cold and cruel to people she likes, because she's too afraid to trust them. She is far more gentle than her behaviour would indicate. Once she does trust someone, she is loving and generous to a fault: tender, kind and affectionate.


Viviane is a model and actress, almost entirely for sexual material. She usually plays intelligent manipulative sexually aggressive roles.

She is very well-known in her particular area: famous enough to be stared at and bothered in public.


Though she doesn't know it, Viviane is the descendent of a Khazani, Christian Karel, and a clone he bred of Ghetsuhm Riker. Christian and the cloned Ghet had a daughter, Feci, who married one of Ghet's cousins, the daughter of her uncle Tom. (As Tom is the real Ghet's biological father, the cloned Ghet's daughter actually married Ghet's half-sister.) The two women had a daughter, and that child was Viviane's great-grandmother.

Viviane was raised by her parents, Pieter Riker and his partner Reshere Westerly, neither of whom have any direct ties to the TIF. Pieter is an actor, Reshere a director who died when Viviane was 22. Like most Rikers, Viviane is an only child.

She has no permanent partner or children.

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