Character Details - Melar

Written by Rhiannon KTralCreated : 16-Jul-2008 3:40:51 am
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*Name: Melar
*Race: Satyr
*Age: 7456
Apparent Age (if different):35
*Height: Between 4'11
*Build: Waist up human male, flanks, hooves, tail, and horns of a ram.
*Ears: Pointed
*Weight: 135lbs.
*Hair: Dark Brown almost black
*Eyes: Chocolate Brown
*Complexion: golden brown
*Clothing: None
*Personal Items usually carried: Pan pipes

Personal Information:
*Personality: Delusional and Slightly Insane
*Occupation: Paramour
*Skills and Abilities: Playing pan pipes, dancing, singing,
*Weapons Used: Bow and Arrow if necessary

Melar is the oldest living satyr. Due to this fact, that he has lived among the dark fae for most of his existence, and satyr were never meant to live cloaked in such darkness for so long he's gone a little loopy in the coconut. Most of the time he speaks in gibberish that doesn't make any sense and no one really knows if he is talking to someone or himself.

Queen Nwalka encourages him on a daily basis to make the journey to the rejuvenation tree, but he always waves her off and starts babbling about some task he believes he has not yet finished. Due to his obvious mental instability he ceased performing his duties for the Queen several centuries ago. Despite the fact Melar has no real useful purpose no one forces him to make the trip to Kalina Paulin and ultimately the rejuvenation tree to be remade. After all he doesn't hurt anyone and seems mostly harmless though he has been known to have the occasional fit of temper when someone touches his belongings.

Uses the following people's images for their avatars:

Jack Nicholson