Character Details - Tariq ben Hassan

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Physical Description
Name: Tariq ben Hassan
Meaning of Name: "He who pounds at the door". This is the Arabic name of the morning star.
Race: R'Kesh Human
Age: 50 years old
Hair: Black with a hint of silver at the temples
Eyes: Dark brown
Complexion: Bronzed
Height: 6'
Build: Powerful
Identifying Marks:

Personal Information
Personality: Generally ambitious, willing to use whatever leverage is presented to maintain control over the backstabbing upperclass in Teklan. His marriages were all political alliances, the love of his life being Aoife Braungaine.
Occupation: Emir of Teklan
Skills and Abilities:
Weapons Used: Scimitar

Background Information
Marital Status: Married, his chief wife being Noor (the Light of Teklan), and with several official concubines.
Bonds: None
Children: 12: 3 boys and 9 girls (including Meridyth). 1 boy, Quince, is now deceased.
Brief History:

Other Information:
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