Character Details - Kaufka ben Sherone

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Physical Description:
*Name:  Kaufka ben Sherone
*Race: Human (Teklan, Elemmiire)
*Age:  62 (As of Desert Deception.)
(55 @ GP)
*Height: 6ft even
*Build/Weight:  Stocky, powerful   225lbs
*Hair: Black with a hint of grey at the temples
*Eyes:  Brown almost black
*Complexion:  Bronze
*Identifying Marks (if present):  Slashing scar on his right bicep
*Clothing:  Muted earth tones, loose draw string trousers with a caftan (long tunic that flows to the knee).  If he goes out he will usually wear a burnous.
*Personal Items usually carried: N/A

Personal Information:
*Personality:  Loyal, Observant, Calm or Cool Headed
*Occupation: N/A
*Skills and Abilities: 
*Weapons Used: Scimitar style sword

Background Information:
*History:  Kaufka has spent the majority of his life in the service of the Emir of Teklan as one of his guards/soldiers.  The last twenty seven years of his life have been spent as the Captain of the Guard for the Emir’s daughter Meridyth Braungaine. After the incident with The Green Pearl Kaufka insisted on accompanying Meri into exile to continue to act as her guard.  Recently they have returned to Teklan to inform the Emir his eldest son and heir Quince died in a fishing accident.  Upon his return Kaufka was thrown into prison and sentenced to be beheaded. 

Desperate to save her beloved guard and the father of her heart Meridyth traded her freedom to save not only Kaufka’s life, but also that of Lech … a friend of Salome ben Issa.  Upon his release from prison and as a condition of his life being spared Kaufka has sworn never to set foot in Teklan again.  He now resides on CathEska under the command of X’Hart K’Tral. 
*Marital Status: Widowed
*Children: 1 – deceased
*Blood or Soul Bonds: N/A

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