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Troy Arvak
Human Psionic Martial Art Student
6'6" tall
320 lbs. (muscle and bone; NOT fat)
Muscular, very physically fit (born on a very heavy gravity world; see ArenaWorld info)
Dark coppery skin tone, dark hair(brownish-black with copper highlights)
Eyes are deep green, with flecks of metallic copper and gold
Age: 20-ish
Apparent Age: Youthful

Troy usually carries his weapons of choice - or has them tucked away somewhere on his body. While on ArenaWorld, he may be wearing one of two household symbols - House Starblade(his birth House, now defunct), or House D'Toro(his sponsor's House). One of the few actual Humans native to ArenaWorld - and NOT a slave there - Troy was away at school when his uncle's House(Starblade) fell to the rising House Burning Victory. He was notified by House D'Toro.

Trained in combining his psionic powers with his martial arts techniques, Troy is a tireless opponent, doggedly determined once his mind is set. This is balanced against his somewhat offbeat sense of humor (see his tagline...), and his apparently light-hearted attitude. However, like most people, Troy has a darker side - which comes through as a deeper undertone to his personality.

Troy likes a challenge. He also enjoys pitting himself against deadly opponents. His body has some scarring - some from blade weapons, some from claws, some from explosives, and some from the plasma-bladed weapons he prefers to employ. Most of the latter scars he gained sparring against his most recent tutor... a personage widely known for his ruthless attitude and powerful skills.

Troy's psionic skills include telekinesis, clairvoyance, teleportation, shielding, deflection, energy bolt, and some limited telepathy. He can ignore pain, force his body to regenerate from damage at a rate ten times faster than normal, and can cloak his presence psionically as well as physically - seemingly vanishing from all forms of detection.

The plasma-bladed weapons Troy prefers are extremely dangerous and very difficult to find. Their design is based off of an ancient alien artifact, powered by rare perfect examples of Trilosian M'targgyn crystals. These crystals not only provide a power source, but create a natural focusing lens through which the power is projected. Slight adjustments in the weapon housing allow for length and width adjustments in the projected plasma-energy blade. It is theorized that the perfect form of these rare crystals draws in and stores naturally occurring bioelectric energy found in all known living things; then somehow that energy is converted into the plasma energy as seen in the blades. As such, these weapons DO NOT register on scanners as anything other than tubular metal containers holding one or more crystals.

Troy spent three years studying an example of an original alien device before he successfully constructed his own. His first, a single-bladed construct, produces a plasma-blade of varying color, as he combined three perfect crystals in its creation. His second, a dual-bladed device, produces flowing multi-colored plasma-blades; which can then be further adjusted to form blades of astounding power - and a deep, ultra-violet hue.

Troy can also employ a wide range of other weapons - the plasma-blades are simply his preferred weapons.

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