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Air BioPhysical Description:
Preferred Name: Air Silverleaf
Birth Name: Wayraien Celeblasse
Meaning of Name: Air Maiden
Race: Asha (Ghost)
Former Race: Taurësúlë
Age of Death: 300
Apparent Age (if different): Early to mid thirties
Height: 5’ 8”
Build/Weight: Willowy, athletic, slight hourglass
Hair: Silver, waist length and wavy, can make hair appear black
Eyes: Forest Green
Complexion: Copper
Clothing: In general terms its typically black leather pants with a black velvet vest/coat that has open sleeves (see image at left) if doing the Sildanai’s bidding she can be found wearing a silver dress of gauzy material. A single leather vambrace is worn on her right wrist.
Personal Items usually carried:
  • Middle right finger: Silver band engraved with ivy
  • Necklace: Shroudling wedding choker
Identifying Marks (if present):
  • Right side of chest: Blood red birthmark
  • Left hip, hollow: Griffon encircled by a wreath of silver ivy (bond mark to husband)
Accent: Native American

Personal Information:
Personality: Spirited, mischievous, determined, loyal, and gentle
Occupation: Guardian of Air and watcher, she often carries out tasks for the Sildanai and other deities when the need arises.
Skills and Abilities: Proficient in most weapons though Air prefers to rely on her gift for all things dealing with air. However, being a ghost and a member of the Sildanai, her abilities are kept only in check by her own conscious. She rarely takes any shape other than her own or that of wind.
Weapons Used: She keeps only three blades on her person, each roughly five inches long and kept razor sharp which reside in pockets in her leather vambrace.

Background Information:
Blood or Soul Bonds: Silverleaf Tapestry; Ravin Llewellyn
Marital Status: Married: Ravin Llewellyn
Fathered by Erich Morlómë: Argent and Shadow
Fathered by Ravin Llewellyn: Devan and Taimië
Aydra Centauri

Argent and Eleece: Astra, Apolla and Adaron
Argent and Tulië Karim: Ithilcalien Karim
Argent and Ista: Elviwen and Aeriach (deceased)
Shadow and Kurr Goldsong: Lhach Celeblasse
Shadow and Suriel Aerta: Relainia, Riel, Aaron (Galain), Fanaiel (deceased)
Shadow and Dakien Sorntur: Raven, Cole (deceased), Kegan, Cade, Kaiden and Daerkal
Shadow and Dolash Darkwind: Kaltaur, Sparrow and Robin
Taimië and Laucian Barrimtor: Naur and Ruin (deceased) .
Brief History: Born to Thorn and Ember Silverleaf, Air was the youngest of three children. She spent a relatively peaceful life in her village home. As a child she would often run barefoot through the forest until the age of two hundred and eighty five when she met a wandering elf by the name of Erich Morlómë. The two wandered for a while and then one night, Air woke up and found him gone after confessing that she thought she was pregnant.

On a strange world, Air decided to investigate and met Galain Alcarin. Air remained with him for a while, living in the forest and most often near the sea until she felt as though she was falling in love again. Scared, she left during the night, taking with her a strand of amethysts that the Elen Prince had given her.

Air returned to Arlsyn and turned her foot steps north after confiding to her father's advisor that she was pregnant. The north is where she met her husband Ravin Llewellyn. Knowing that she carried children that weren’t his, he asked for Air's hand, the forest elf accepted, and together they returned to Silver Willow.

She gave birth to twins, a boy and girl that they named Argent and Dúdae. Many believed that they belonged to Ravin, and the couple did nothing to correct those that believed. Thirteen years later she bore Ravin twins as well, a boy and girl they named Devin and Taimië.

Two years later Devin and Taimië were sent to a foster home for their protection, only a week later Air, Ravin and Air's mother were killed. After her death, she took her place in the Sildanai court as the Guardian of Air, and will appear at times as an Asha (ghost). And will act as a messenger for the Sildanai
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