Character Details - Fiarella

Written by Emily WyntersCreated : 9-Jun-2008 12:14:00 am
Last Edited : 14-Jun-2008 11:03:07 pm

Fiarella; 22
Burgundy hair (she dyes it); warm, molten gold eyes
Shorter than most people. She won't tell you what her actual height is.
She's not a twig, but no one except a jealous anorexic-bulimic supermodel would say she's fat or anything like it.

If you call her anything but Fí (yes, with an accent), you will regret it. She absolutely hates the name Fiarella, which, in her own words, " My mother stuck me with it, for better or worse, I'd say worse, and didn't even give me a half-decent middle name to compensate for it."

Fí is bright, witty, and very assertive, if she is comfortable with the people she is with. When pushed out of her comfort zone, she becomes quiet and observant. She is a history major, with a minor in music (piano).

Flaws: Fí has major trust issues. It is very difficult for her to get into any sort of a relationship (even platonic ones), but when not dealing with people specifically, she doesn't have too many problems. She has few close friends, but they are good ones. Fí doesn't like commitment, either.

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