Character Details - Nolah K'Tral

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Name: Nolah K'Tral

Race: Felinumeara

Clan: Tiger (unofficially Lion)

Age: 15

Hair: Black

Eyes: Blue Topaz

Height: 5'2" (still growing)

Weight: 110lbs

Body Build: Slender, slightly muscular (she shows all the signes of being an adult female, but is still growing so she has that slight gangly look to her.)


Felo ~ X'Hart K'Tral
Fela ~ Ves'Brauna
Neuth'Ra ~ Brayden Del'Nar (this is not common knowledge. There are only 5 other people who are aware of this besides Nolah and Brayden)

Distinguishing Marks/Locations: Bite scar from Brayden on the underside of left wrist.

Abilities: Nolah's abilities at this time are very limited. By felinumeara standards mentally she is still a child and thus had only just started her schooling.

Demeanor: Nolah is a giver. She is generous to a fault, but there is a small piece of her that is rather selfish. On the whole, however, she is rather kind and generous while also being intensly emotional. Most of this is due to her ever changing body, but some of it is just the way she is. She takes things to heart and has very tender feelings. The best word to describe Nolah is: Epathetic.

History: As she is so young Nolah does not have much history to tell. She has lived her whole life in the felinumeara central village with her father, X'Hart. At the age of five she began attending school. At the age of 12 1/2 she lost her mother, Ves'Brauna was killed by the mayor of Rumleigh's men. At the age of 15 her father met and mated with Salome ben Issa whom Nolah adores. Then her mother was given astra'ka.

Currently, due to the original blood she bears, Nolah finds that like her siblings before her her young body has developed thirty-five years too early. Thrown into her first lei'akoh by happening upon a tiger pair coupling while with her brother Keinan Nolah was forced to couple or die. Due to her original blood the genetic filters that should have kept her from finding males of other clans unacceptable did not work and thus she chose Brayden Del'Nar. The lion male resisted to the very best of his ability, but his own genetics as well as base urges won out in the end and the pair ended up not only breaking the second weaving law; you should not breed outside your genus, but also mated.

The Weaver appeared, swore all to secrecy and allowed the match to stand as it serves her purpose. However, she could not let the breaking of the law go unpunished and how has taken Brayden from the village leaving Nolah in the care of Lycion Kah'Tar and has given her full adult status.

*Note : Nolah is a tiger female, but as Brayden's mate she claims Lion as her clan.

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