Character Details - Calamity

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Race: Human/Elf (doesn't know)            Age:  9 years old

Height: 4'2"                                     Weight:  45 lbs (Terra)

Complexion: Bronze                          Eye Color: Turqoise

Hair:  Long Golden Brown that softly curls at the ends down to her shoulders

Identifying Body Marks: Dragon birthmark

Build/Fitness: Lean and petite. Energetic, athletic, and acrobatic.


Pants- Faded blue jean overalls one size to big. 

Shirt- oversized, Lavender, short sleeve

Shoes- Second hand dirty white sneakers

Carries a light tan worn-out leather satchel.



Able to create and manipulate electricity


OCCUPATION: Runaway orphan



Calmity's exact place of birth is unknown. What is known is that at the of two her mother, after pleading "Dragon spirits please protect my little girl" then kissing her softley on the forehead, left her standing at the door steps of Eastgate Orphanage then disappeared. She was left with a saddle brown leather satchel next to her feet containing a silver necklace and an ebony stone. The stone was in the shape of an egg and the size of an adult human hand.

The Head Caretaker at the time was named, Isabella. She was a plump gentle old woman around the age of fifty-two. She had long snow white hair, that she always kept in a bun, and stood about five foot two. She took in the little girl and came to adore her.

Calamity grew into a very strong willed young girl and often would sneak out during stormy nights to go on little adventures in the woods near the orphanage. Opinionated, stubborn, and proud she often got herself into trouble with the other Caretakers and have to be bailed out by Isabella. Isabella would just sigh or laugh.  Often explaining that it was because Calamity had the spirit of a dragon that they would not be able to easily tame or deter her from her ways. She had started saying that ever since discovering a small birthmark in the shape of a dragon on the inside of Calamity's right wrist. Telling Calamity it made her special.

In time Isabella became ill and had to spend all her time in bed. The Caretakers took advantage this and would pick on any little thing they could find to discipline Calamity. Their favorite way was locking her in the basement in a dark little room where she would be out of sight and out of mind. Sometimes forgetting she was even down there for three days.

Calamity would tell Isabella everything but there was very little she could do since she was so weak and they knew it. Each time Isabella would keep her with her until the doctor would send her away because she had an episode. Then they would be at it again.

A couple of months after Calamity's nineth birthday Isabella called her to her room. She was down to her last days and knew that with her gone there would be no one left to defend Calamity. Isabella had Calamity pull out a leather satchel from under the bed, saddle brown, and explained how it had been left with her the day she had arrived at the orphanage and what Calamity would have to do to stay safe.

That night, during a light storm, Calamity packed some rations and a few things she'd thought would come in handy into her satchel. Sneaking out her window with the lightening to muffel any noise she made she set off on her biggest adventure...

Marital Status: Single

Children: None

Blood or Soul Bonds: None

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