Character Details - Balam Antar

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Physical Description:
*Name: Balam Antar

Meaning of Name: Were-jaguar Antar
*Race: Bastet, subrace Balam(were-jaguar)
*Age: 18 (barely)
Apparent Age (if different):
*Height: 6'
*Build/Weight: Broad shouldered, muscular 230 lbs.
*Hair: dirty blond/ jaguar markings
*Eyes: vibrant gold-green
Complexion: clear, beardless / furred
*Identifying Marks (if present): in human form, none. In other forms, the pattern of spots in his coat.
Clothing: Varies - usually has on some Inca, Mayan, or Aztec-patterned jewelry; tends towards jeans, T-shirts, leather. Always has on at least a pair of shorts - they transform with him, becoming part of his fur when not needed.
Personal Items usually carried: Cell phone, MP3 player, small money pouch(usually bits of gold, gems, inside)

Personal Information:

Background Information:

Here's a helpful website with general info on the Bastet, and on their Breeds, including the Balam:

*History: Raised by his human mother - who was a backup singer for another band. Didn’t know he was a werecreature until he transformed on stage during a performance shortly after his 18th birthday. No idea who his father was. Was taught a little about what he is and can do by an old shaman, but still has lots to learn. Still trying to control his transformations. Tends to be in crinos form more than human form these days.
*Marital Status: Single, unmated.
*Children: N/A
*Blood or Soul Bonds: N/A

*Personality: Reserved. Slow to trust, slow to make friends. On stage, very outgoing and animated as a performer. Loyal to those few he befriends.
*Occupation: Lead singer in a small rock band/ bard.
*Skills and Abilities: Wilderness lore (jungle), Tracking, Hunting, Fighting(melee), Unarmed Fighting, Blade Weapons, Singing, Performance, Stealth, Climbing, Leaping, Swimming, Tumbling, Acrobatics. Transforms into five physical forms - human, Sokto, crinos, Chatro, feline - with fur and coloration of a jaguar showing in all but his human form. Speaks feline, Bastet, Mayan, Inca, Aztec, and english; with a smattering of elven. Has some inherent magical abilities.
*Weapons Used: any blade weapon he can lay hands on, prefers to use his own claws and teeth; any projectile weapon he can hold, limited inherent magical abilities.
Uses the following people's images for their avatars:

Gabriel Soto
Artwork by Synnabar