Character Details - Kryn'sque Sd'Jakol

Written by EbonwoodCreated : 26-May-2008 1:10:15 pm
Last Edited : 8-Dec-2008 8:06:00 am

He does not know quite who he is or where he comes from, only that his name distantly means "essence of the sword." 
Though he would appear to be only 22 or so, he knows he is closer to being 210, still a young man, by his standards. Standing approximately 6'6", he has a surprising strength in his wiry body and has great endurance and agility. His hair reaches his shoulders and is a mercury silver, and his eyes change constantly according to his mood, which also changes frequently. His skin is a dark gold, and there is elegant script engraved in his left shoulder.
Kryn'sque usually wears a black tunic and pants and leather boots, and a long grey cloak. Bracers adorn his wrists and a key is tied around his right wrist. The only weapons he carries are dual Runic scimitars.
Often percieved as cold and uncaring, he can be an entertainer when he feels like it, or with enough ale, but he is quite devastating to his surroundings when he is angry.
He really doesn't have any purpose in life, considering himself as a professional wanderer, or a mercenary.
Kryn'sque keeps to himself and people at a distance, unwilling to become too attached to them for fear of losing them, as he believes everyone he has been close to has died because of him. He will not ask for help, unless he is in absolute peril, then he will turn to anyone he deems trustworthy, though he hates asking for favors. He doesn't trust anyone enough to protect him. He will not allow himself to.
Kryn'sque will avoid conflict if he can, though if he is confronted with someone who will not quit, he will engage in the argument...vehemently.

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