Character Details - Shadowebane

Written by EbonwoodCreated : 20-May-2008 9:37:30 pm
Last Edited : 28-May-2008 4:02:34 pm

Shadowebane is 5'6", has long black hair that's usually tied up, and the whisping shadows of flames surrounding her are no illusion caused by magic. These flames are a mark of who she is, which she will not willingly admit to anybody except close friends, who are few in number. Her sharp almond eyes are a molten green pierced by mercury, and her skin is a pleasant gold. Her ears are long and pointed, a silver ring in each, and one more in the tip of her right ear.
She usually wears a simple tunic and pants in public, in greens, browns and blacks, and wears lightweight dragonscale mail underneath, or when she is hunting. Bracers adorn her forearms decorated with swirling patterns that mean something only to her, and a spiraling tattoo of a dragon crawls from her right shoulderblade down her arm. Two swords are always at her sides, both scimitars, Jester and Artemis. 

Not a person of many words, Shadowebane finds joy mainly in wandering in woods and cities and towns hunting for her prey, for she is an assassin of sorts, and performs her job well. When she is not hunting, however, she enjoys walking alongside a longtime friend, one of her only, as that friend distracts her from her past, though they meet only on rare occasion.
Somewhere in that past lies a secret that she has tried for years to discover, and is in the process of following someone she thinks might know where she is from--and he happens to remember her past. 

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