Character Details - Verahl An'Dion

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Name: Verhal An’Dion

Age: 505

Height: 6'8"

Weight: 275lbs

Eyes: Warm Amber flecked with blue

Hair: Tawny with streaks of platinum

Clan: Lion ~ Shia Ni ~ Feasting

Life: Aer'Hon (1)


Parental Bonds:

Father ~ Brayden Del’Nar

Mother ~ Asianna An’Dion

Aer'Fei'Kno ~ Oliana Del'Nar (sister)

Aer'Fei'Kno ~ Cass’Tia Del'Nar (sister)

Appearance: Standing six feet eight inches Verahl is no small kitty with his tawny pelt and wild golden mane of hair which he almost always wears pulled back in a long braid that reaches to just above his rump. His eyes are the color of warm amber when the light shines through it giving them a somewhat fierce appearance that is softened by the flecks of blue around the pupil that seem to shimmer if the light hits them just right.. Much like his father Brayden, if Verahl is angry or in an ill mood you will know with just one look. The best way to describe his body build is to say that he is a solid mass of rippling muscles exuding an air of power and strength that is difficult to ignore. In addition to this his awe inspiring presence is tempered with a gentleness that makes him incredibly approachable.

Demeanor: Being a jack of all trades Verahl never knows what he will be doing from one day to the next and suits his desire to learn as much as he can about every subject, species, planet, and race the felinumeara have discovered so far. He also has a rather passionate nature. When Verahl feels something her feels it very deeply and usually will not act unless the person or activity stirs him to the very core of who he is.

Abilities: As all felinumeara Verahl is well accomplished in the natural fighting style of his people, tooth and claw. In addition to this he is adequate with a spear and bow. There actually isn’t a single thing that Verahl can’t do with some amount of proficiency if it is known to the felinumeara.

History: Surprisingly Verahl has never lost one of his nine lives though throughout his life there have been numerous raids by the daga (now known as the komorryn) upon his village and he is by no means a truly stellar warrior. He spent most of his youth studying hard to learn all the Shia's and his father could teach him. More than anything Verhal wanted to make his father proud. When it was decided that he would not have a single occupation, but would be what it termed a rotator Verhal was very pleased as it meant he was unique and had learned his lessons well.

Currently Verhal has no love interest nor is he inclined to find one due to his passionate nature he figures that when he finds the right female he will know it. Though Cerise Noir Del’Nar has piqued his interest of late.

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