Character Details - Hamish McLoughlin

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Name:  Hamish McLoughlin
Age: 34
Race:  Human/unknown
Height:  6' 2"
Weight: 180 lbs

History:  Off world traveler, investigator, sometimes a thief.  He was born on Terra but when he hit the age of 10 he was handed an evelope by those who raised him.  His life took a 180 as a result.  They were not his parents.  They were not even human.  They were no more then his caretakers.  They had been sent off his home world with him.  He was six months old at the time.  He read the missive first with unbelief but as he questions those he had thought his parents and watched as the turned to their true form he could only accept the reality. He had been sent away for his safety. 

The next two years were spent finishing school on Terra where he excelled in studies and had been sent on to university at the age of 16, which he finished in less then two years.  Now he understood why in some ways.

The only thing the missive didn't tell him was who his parents were and where he was from.  His caretakers could not tell him either.  It was as if their memory had been blocked or erased in that area. The only other thing they told him was he had an older sister, Sara McLoughlin, who will be murdered in the story Death Song. 

While finishing school his caretakers taught him how to portal and seemed to unlock a few other skills that had laid dormant.  Then they told him of the other worlds outside of Terra, most that could only be reach by protalling, others by slipping between planes of time and existences. 

He left soon after stepping through the first portal, then the next, world after world, searching for hints, clues anything that might tell him who he is.  He did meet his sister, but she didn't know anymore then he did and had been raised off world also.  But she was a rebellious young woman, one who lead her life the way she wanted figuring she'd find her parents sooner or later.  It never happened.

For now he is a traveler, a seeker of information, sometimes for the thrill of the moment he'll steal for you.   

Bonds:  None
Married: No
Attachments:  No
Children: Not that he knows of.

Uses the following people's images for their avatars:

Alex O'Loughlin