Character Details - Sly

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Physical Description:

Birth Name: Camryn Xavier De Haven

Nick Name: Sly

Race: Human

Age:  30

Height: 6 foot even

Build/Weight: Muscular, lean, almost lanky but not quite

Hair: Light Ash Brown

Eyes: Golden Brown 

Complexion: Light Tan

Clothing: Jeans, linen shirt, cowboy style boots (brown), leather belt with a black buckle

Identifying Marks (if present): Sly has whip scars starting at the tops of his shoulders and extending dwon to his calves.  There is complete coverage i.e. there is not clean skin in the marked area.

Accent:  Slight Southern Twang

Personal Information:

Personality: Serious, observant, mistrustful of strangers, jaded to a point, and loyal.  Sly can be fun loving and relaxed but only with the Vu’K’Tor.

Occupation: Mercenary

Skills and Abilities: Sly was educated in all areas of befitting his station.  There was heavy infasis on sword, hand to hand, daggers, and morning stars as well as strategy and history.  He can, however, also play the lute, mandolin, sing, and dance with exceptional skill.   Additionally he has learned hunting, tracking, reconnaissance, enough herb lore over various different planets to know what not to eat and what is medicinal, as well as several different languages including Common, Drow, Drow hand signals, sign language, Jebesh, Thoran, and Felinumeara.

Weapons Used: short sword, throwing dagger, long knife

Background Information:

Marital Status: Single

Children: None

Blood or Soul Bonds: He shares the unusal bond that all members of the Vu’K’Tor have. It acts as a beacon inside his mind that allows him to know when one of his comrade’s is in mortal danger as well as allowing them to home in on any members location. 

Brief History: Sly was born the third son of the king of Wynscot.   He never measured up to his father’s expectations and thus was severely beaten for over half of his life which is where the scars on his back come from.  At the age of fifteen a stranger appeared in his room one night as if out of thin air and asked him if he wanted to leave.  Sly’s reply was an emphatic yes.  Later Sly discovered that this stranger was the mage Griffin Darkstar.

After removing Sly from his home Griffin allowed him to remain at Darkstar Manor for what seemed years, but in reality was little more than a few weeks as time runs differently in the Manor.  Once Sly had become accustomed to being free Griffin placed him in an inn where he knew the Vu’K’Tor would be and suggested that Kellin speak with him.  Sly was twenty at the time.   After careful consideration Sly was accepted to the group and has been with them ever since.

Other Information or Things that may be discovered by your character:
  • Sly's personal scent is sandalwood

  • Sly's favorite food is bread pudding with cream sauce/ no raisins

  • Sly always sleeps with a dagger under his pillow

  • Sly's favorite flower is a fire tulip.

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