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Physical Description:

*Name: Kyle Armstrong (NO ONE uses this name)

*Nick Name: Lech

*Race: Phallasian (Appears Human)

*Age: 35

*Height: 6 foot even

*Build/Weight: 175lbs (12.5 stones)

Decent muscle tone, broad shoulders, lean waist

*Hair: Dishwater blond with streaks of gold and platinum

*Eyes: Kelly Green

*Complexion: Soft tan

*Identifying Marks (if present): 

Tribal tattoo around his right bicep done in black, three inch scar slashing across left pectoral muscle, and six inch scar slashing diagonally across his right thigh.

Clothing:   Button down cowboy style shirts either linen or denim, jeans, worn brown cowboy boots.

Personal Items usually carried: 

 Personal Information:

Home Planet:

Planet of Residence: N/A

Birth Family: Armstrong

Second Family: N/A

*Personality: Serious when he needs to be, but generally he’s a big kid enjoying the adventure of life.

*Occupation: Mercenary/Information Expert

*Skills and Abilities:  Sword, hand to hand combat, throwing daggers, hunting, tracking, storytelling, love making, basic first aid for several races, (Felinumeara, Jebesh, Dorian, Human, and Phallasian.)

Lech can find anything that has been lost as long as he has a fairly good description of it or has seen it at least once he can find it no matter where it is.  In the case of people he has to have seen their face and know their name.

*Weapons Used: Broad sword, throwing daggers, bow and arrow.

 Background Information:

*Marital Status: Currently involved with Meylor i Blackheart


  • James Armstrong - 7
  • Lily Armstrong - 5
  • A witch reversed time for Lech’s children when they were 14 and 12 because an event that needed to happen (their mothers being murdered) for the children to become who they needed to be did’t happen due to The Weaver and Chronos freezing time on CathEska thus trapping Kellin thus throwing off the events of the lives of those associated with him.

*Blood or Soul Bonds:

 Lech shares a bond with Kellin De’Strana that was give to the Vu’K’Tor by  a Phallasian witch.  This bond allows Lech to pin point the location of any of his mercenary brothers and to know when they are in mortal danger.

Tiannon Raven – Accidental bond formed while coupling.


Stage One (childhood) Grew up on a mining colony on Brigor 6.  Parents died in a cave in when he was 18. 

Stage Two (18 -25) Wandered around the cosmos doing whatever jobs he could find.  Met Kellin De’Strana in a bar on Delerose 7 to do a location job.  Kellin liked his worked offered him job with Vu’K’Tor.

Stage 3 (25-35) Did several jobs with the VKT including helping to dispatch the mayor of Rumleigh (New Beginnings).  Sent to Elemmiire with Lyme to get building supplies for village being built on CathEska.  Met Lilith ben Azim.  Got arrested in Teklan for dressing as a woman and ogling a man’s wife.  Thrown in jail, put on trial, and then released due to the Emir’s daughter Meri making a deal with her father. (Desert Deception).  Returned to CathEska and needing to chill out wen to the Lazy Lizard Inn with Lyme as his babysitter.  Met Kina and Shylar.  Discovered Kina’s mark was one of the VKT’s enemies, Rutherford, and he’d stolen some children.  Rescued children discovering they were his.  Investigated what happened to their mothers.  Found their mothers’ were killed when the kids were taken. 

Coming back from that Sly wants to find Shylar’s missing brother.  Leave kids in the care of an old friend, Lillian P. Jacobs on CathEska, goes to Arlsyn with the rest of the VKT.  Finds Shy’s brother (RP in progress).

Returned to CathEska  and stayed there until 9 months after construction of village was finished.  Moved to the compound on Delerose 7 with VKT.  Met Meylor i Blackheart.  After having a background check run on her discovers there is a security risk in her history.  Scrambles group to Icarus Base on Zyn. (RP in Progress)


Misc Information :

  • Serial Number: 449 Echo Echo Love 6900
  • Lech’s personal scent is clean laundry mixed with a hint of wintergreen.
  • Lech has a serious thing for feet and toes.
  • Lech looks at women the same way an Art Collector would look at a painting done by Monet, da Vincci, or Rembrandt … every brush stroke or line of a woman’s body has meaning.
  • Lech loves exotic animals.

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