Character Details - Rochar Gan

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Physical Description:
*Name: Rochar Gan
Nick Name: Boss or Big Man
*Race: Jebesh (human in appearance)
*Age: 78
Apparent Age (if different): 35
*Height: 6'7"
*Build/Weight: 275lbs body builder
*Hair: Bald
*Eyes: Black
Complexion: Ebony
*Identifying Marks (if present): various scars all over his body.
Clothing: Usually loose fitting white linen shirt, black breaches, thick soled boots that extend up to his knee.
Personal Items usually carried: silver hoop earrings in his left ear, diamond stud in his right ear, silver nipple rings, silver arm bands about his biceps engraved with rearing bear, and silver bracers with the same rearing bear engraved in them.

Personal Information:
*Personality: Serious, analytical, loyal, big brother complex, but can also enjoy the lighter side of life .

*Occupation: Mercenary turned guard
*Skills and Abilities: Sword, hand to hand, dagger throwing, reconnaissance, hunting, tracking, enough herb lore to know what not to eat, cooking, story telling, and basic first aid.
*Weapons Used: Double handed broadsword, throwing dagger, long knife

Background Information:
*History: It’s very long and I am trying to sort it out.
*Marital Status: Single
*Children: N/A

 Rochar has a bond with all the members of the Vu’K’Tor. It acts as a beacon inside his mind letting him know when one of them is in mortal danger as well as allowing them to home in on any members location. He is also the only non-felinumeara member of the Vu'K'Tor that can use this bond to communicate due to his inate magical abilities.

*Parents: Dead

Uses the following people's images for their avatars:

Michale Duncan Clark