Character Details - Thyne Swift

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Physical Description:
*Name: Thyne Swift
Meaning of Name: N/A
*Race: Argorian
*Age: 151
Apparent Age (if different): 26
*Height: 5'3"
*Build/Weight: 130lbs tiny bit of meat on her bones but still considered lean curvacious
*Hair: Brown
*Eyes: Blue
Complexion: Peaches & Cream
*Identifying Marks (if present): dagger scar center left thigh, whip scars (extremely light) on her back, rose shaped birthmark in the bend of her left knee. Ancient felinumeara ‘k’ above left breast, and neuth’ra mark on her left shoulder.
Clothing: Usually Jeans and mans work shirt
Personal Items usually carried: small silver ring of a bird wings spread on right hand, a silver necklace with a tambourine charm as well as a small heart shaped locket.

Personal Information:
*Personality: Cautious at first , yet also bold, straight forward, with a hint of wildness
*Occupation: she was a prostitute, but since mating with Thrace she has no occupation
*Skills and Abilities: hand to hand, hunting, tracking, enough herb lore to know what not to eat, and basic first aid.
*Weapons Used: whatever she can find

Background Information:
*History: Thyne is the sister in law of Kellin De’Strana. She lived most of her life on Argoria. Though when she was around one hundred she was abducted along with her sister Gypsy and became a captive of the mayor of Rumleigh on CathEska for thirty years. Once she hand her sister escaped they made for The Dream House knowing there was a woman there that would take them in. Thyne has spent the last twenty-one years of her life being a prostitute. When her brother-in-law appeared one day he informed both Thyne and her sister that they would be no longer need to prostitute themselves for a living. Now she is mated to Thrace who having disowned his own family took her last name as his and lives in the felinumeara central village.
*Marital Status: Mated to Thrace Swift
*Children: N/A
*Bonds: neuth’ra Trace, Aer’Fei’kno Kellin De’strana

*Parents: dead

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