Character Details - Gorca Drakovic

Written by Gorca DrakovicCreated : 8-Apr-2008 12:44:27 am
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Gorca Drakovic is his name... he is (mostly) a human of indeterminate age (he's 29 but he sometimes looks older or younger depending on his mood).

He has some elven traits, the cut of the eyes, the shape of the ears... but only visible with a close inspection.

He's tall and thin, like a big scarcecrow and his movements have a mechanic feel. He has black hair and steel-grey eyes that have that kind of stare that goes right thorough your head and three to four miles beyond.

His skin is pale... the part not occupied by the scars, i mean. Gorca is scarred. VERY scarred... scars of all shapes criss-cross his body and a particularly ugly one starts from his jaw up to his left eye (the eye is still intact).

For some strange reason, though, Gorca is not as repulsive as one could think. Maybe his eyes, maybe his mood... maybe the fact that he is always cloaked from head to toe.

His favored cloak is a big and tattered grey affair, that probably has seen use before he was born.

Gorca Drakovic is actually a mage of some skill, and a clever scholar. But primarily he is... a cook.

He is never seen without his cooking implements.. the most glamorous of which is a large, rather heavy frying pan that also happens to be his weapon of choice in close combat (and please wait before laughing... you should see him use it).

His background is not well known.. he's a wanderer and goes wherever he likes. He is not married nor has he children nor he is bonded to anyone.

He also usually carries his book of spells and some typical adventuring gear...

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