Character Details - Mikal Shae

Written by Rhiannon KTralCreated : 25-Mar-2008 10:03:59 pm
Last Edited : 25-Mar-2008 10:20:14 pm

Name: Mikal Shae

Age: 25

Height: 4’9”

Weight: 105lbs

Eyes: chocolate brown almost black

Hair: raven wing black

Complexion: olive toned

Race: Human (planetary origin uncertain)

Clan: Lion ~ adopted

Marital Status: single

Children: none 

Bonds: none as yet


Identifying Marks: Although faded Mikal has numerous scars crisscrossing her back from her beatings at the hands of the mayor of Rumleigh Argus.  She also has a distinct scar that runs diagonally from the outer edge of her left thigh down to the inside of her knee.    


Appearance: Mikal is extremely petite with lean body build.  Long raven hair is usally pulled back into a plate or braid.  Her features appear to be Asian in origin. 


Demeanor: Having suffered for untold years at the abusive hands of the mayor of Rumleigh and his men has caused Mikal to be a bit cautious, but she is slowly getting over this as she has found save heaven in the felinumeara lion village.  More at ease with herself and her surrounds Mikal is easy going though incredibly observant and intuitive.


Skills and Abilities: Mikal has learned many skills from the felinumeara including how to survive in the jungle, basic first aid, and the intricacies of hand to hand combat.  She is also a consummate seamstress and cook.


History: Taken from her home when she was in her early twenties Mikal spent five years at the hands of the Mayor of Rumleigh before finally escaping.  Thanks to Jax, who habitually patrols the borders of the Kelvarian, the petite female found herself rescued and taken to central village where she was adopted into the Shae family of the lion clan.  Anything more than this I have not yet figured out about her.


Uses the following people's images for their avatars:

Kelly Hu