Character Details - Alexander Estrellia

Written by Valliant de LuzCreated : 24-Mar-2008 3:26:59 am
Last Edited : 27-May-2008 11:29:27 pm

Alexander Estrellia

RACE:  Human/Vampire/Werewolf            AGE:  23


HEIGHT:  5'10"                                  WEIGHT:  180 lbs.

COMPLEXION:  Ebony                 EYE COLOR:  Hazel

HAIR:  Wavy light brown hair down just below his ears

IDENTIFYING BODY MARKS:   Pair of fang bite marks

on his neck just below his right ear. (Barely visible)

BUILD/FITNESS: Lean medium build. Athletic and

acrobatic. Superhuman strength due to transformation.


HEIGHT:  6'2"                                     WEIGHT: 190 lbs.

COMPLEXION:  Ash Gray             EYE COLOR:  Large black pupils with

-                                                                     blood red outline.

HAIR:  Short tuff black hair around his legs, arms, face, and chest. Head

hair grows 2 inches longer.

NOSE: Becomes a snout but only grows out about an inch.

TEETH: Turn sharp with 2 fangs.

NAILS: Turn into black sharp hard nails.

IDENTIFYING BODY MARKS:  Pair of black fang bite marks on his

neck just below his right ear.

BUILD/FITNESS:  Lean but more muscular. Has more energy and

stamina. Superhuman strength. Quick on his feet. 


Pant- Stretch leather, Rust brown, Lowrise, Boot Cut

Shirt- Cotton, Off white and long sleeved

Shoes- Black leather, chin high boots

Coat- Rust brown vest and a Black Cape with hood

Jewlry- None

PHYSICAL WEAPONS: 2 12" Ebony Twin blades with gold cutting edges

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