Character Details - Petra War'Laun

Written by Rhiannon KTralCreated : 21-Mar-2008 7:59:06 pm
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Name: Petra War’Laun

Race: Felinumeara

Clan: Panther

Age: 645
Apparent Age: 30

Eyes: Sea Green

Hair: Jet Black

Life: (4)

Height: 6’2”
Weight: 215lbs

Basic Body Build: Lean and muscular.

Abilities: Petra is highly intelligent. He has the natural abilities of his race, which include heightened sense of smell, extremely dexterous, hunting/tracking, and he can shift his vision into the infra red spectrum as well as see with they eyes of cat in the dark. Petra’s fighting abilities are tooth and claw like most felinumeara as well as spear, knife, and longbow. Being Shiala Musra for his clans also demands that Petra have the ability to be impartial, fair, diplomatic, and be able to think fast on his feet.

Personal Information:

Personality: Observant, meticulous, and just.

Occupation: Shiala Musra ~ Clan Leader

Weapons Used: Tooth and claw, longbow, and spear with purple feathers tied just under the spearhead.

Background Information:

History: Very long and a work in progress
Marital Status: Mated
Children: To many to count
Bonds: Fe’Lo with his children

Aer’Tamdo ~ Rhiannon K’Tral

Aer’Tamdo ~ Kellin De’Strana

Neuth’Ra ~ Trau’gh Maulanna

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Gary Dourdan