Character Details - Xr'Hurn R'Ayeb

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Name: Xr’Hurn R’Ayeb
Race: Felinumeara
Clan:  Tiger
Age: 595
Apparent Age: 35
Eyes: Copper
Hair: Jet Black
Life: (2)
Height: 6’7”
Weight: 210lbs

Basic Body Build: Lean and muscular.  His body is like that of a dancer.

Abilities: He has the natural abilities of his race, which include heightened sense of smell, extremely dexterous, hunting/tracking, and he can shift his vision into the infra red spectrum as well as see with they eyes of cat in the dark.  Xr’Hurn’s fighting abilities are tooth and claw like most felinumeara as well as spear, and knife.   Xr’Hurn also has the odd ability to be able to wield cookware, flatware, and any other object found in a kitchen with great skill either as it was intended or as a weapon.
Personal Information:

Personality: Generally friendly with those he knows though can be quite standoffish with new comers; can come off as being aloof.
Occupation: Cook
Weapons Used: Tooth and claw, long knife, and as well as any cooking utensil that happens to be at hand.
Background Information:

History: His parents are dead so he does not have the normal parental bonds.  As he also has no children Xr’Hurn is also quite odd in this respect.
Marital Status: mated to Rhiannon K'Tral

Children: None
Bonds: Aer’Tamdo ~ Chinz Ver’Tok (Best Friend)

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