Character Details - Gomek

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Name: Gomek

Speciies: Krokodilos - a crocodile-like creature some 15-20 feet long, heavily armoured and with hundreds of sharp, backwrd-pointng teeth. Krokodilos can also stand semi-upright as well as "slither" and swim. They are native to the southern, semi-tropical regions of Dyfed, on Yardoz.

Weapons: his four hundred and twenty-six teeth; his tail which he can use as a battering ram; long, very hard claws on both front and hind paws. Gomek and many of his species can use magic. they are particualrly adept at Tantric magic and many other races go to them to learn more of it. They will use their tantric skills as weapons if necessary.

The BandoneonGomek is an expert at the Tango and holds a tango competition each year as spring turns to summer, at the Paddle Store. He loves it! It gives him the chance to dance with his favourite partner(s) - he's a great flirt! - and to spend hours playing the Bandoneon - the accordion-sounding thing that's just so especially "tango" *g*. He also likes sipping the cedar liqueur with the visiting musicians and getting all the latest gossip.

Gomek runs the Shit Creek Paddle Store which is fairly famous across the universe as an "adventure centre" and a good place to hang out if you like hot, swampy climates. He runs tours of the bayous, featuring the strange and sometimes unique wildlife of the area as well as courses and workshops in Krokodillion Tantra.

The Paddle Store also runs a cafe which sells a wide and often strange variety of food. One can also obtain various herbs and herbal concoctions there. What these might do to or for you system really depends on you *g*. Gomek will sell anyone anything on the "caveat emptor" principle ... so it's up to you if you want to try something.

Uses the following people's images for their avatars:

Large crocodile picture - unknown photographer