Character Details - Oliana Ta'Shey

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Physical Description:
*Name: Oliana Ta’Shey
Meaning of Name: N/A
*Race: Felinumeara/ Lion
*Age: 245
Apparent Age (if different): 21
*Height: 6'0"
*Build/Weight: slender, lithe 125lbs
*Hair: Burnished Gold/ White Gold in summer
*Eyes: Green
Complexion: Tawny
*Identifying Marks (if present): Cresent Scar above right eye, Felinumeara ‘V’ on her left shoulder blade, Felinumeara ‘K’ right shoulder blade, Felinumeara ‘A’ on the outside of her right thigh
*Clothing: Does't wear any
*Personal Items usually carried: Silver armbands with her mother’s name on them in felinumeara glyphs. Silver necklace with a felinumeara ‘B’ as a charm.

Personal Information:
*Personality: Gentle, Humble, Helpful
*Occupation: Care giver
*Skills and Abilities: Herbology, basic first aid, hunting, tracking, tooth & claw, dagger, bow, and spear.

Background Information:
*History: When Oliana was a week old her mother was eaten by one of the creatures of the Kelvarian. Her father Brayden carried her in a ‘snuggle pack’ on his back everywhere he went refusing the aid of the other females of the village or family members. For the whole of her life her father has always been there strong, kind, and protective.
*Marital Status: N/A
*Children: Oliana is one of the rare cases of felinumeara who have no children. She was born in the generation where lei’akoh for females was hit and miss.
*Bonds: Felo with her father – Brayden Del’Nar
Aer’Fei’Kno with her brother –Verahl, Aer’Fei’Know with her brother Kwi’Or, and Aer’Fei’Kno wither her uncle A’Yon.

*Parents: Brayden Del’Nar & Kitah Ta’Shey

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