Character Details - Esta Selonso

Written by Rhiannon KTralCreated : 3-Mar-2008 9:54:13 pm
Last Edited : 14-Mar-2008 8:22:14 pm

Physical Description:
*Name: Esta Selonso
Meaning of Name: N/A
*Race: Felinumeara/ Lion
*Age: 892
Apparent Age (if different): 35
*Height: 6'0"
*Build/Weight: broad, muscular
*Hair: Tawny Gold
*Eyes: Golden
Complexion: Tawny
*Identifying Marks (if present): N/A
Clothing: Does't wear any
Personal Items usually carried: gold armbands with glyphs etched into them on her upper arms and matching torque.

Personal Information:
*Personality: Motherly, generous, and kind
*Occupation: N/A
*Skills and Abilities: Esta knows how to be a mother and to defend herself within the limitations of her condition. She is a paraplegic due to an accent.

*Weapons Used: dagger, tooth & claw

Background Information:
*History: Working on this
*Marital Status: Widow
*Children: Quitrick Selonso
*Bonds: Fela with her children, Felo with her father, Aer’Fei’Kno with brothers Lorn Del’Nar and E’Rok Del’Nar
*Parents: Aloysius Del’Nar & Bellahna

Uses the following people's images for their avatars:

Sarah Buxton