Character Details - Ssussunbrorn

Written by Sam MCreated : 1-Mar-2008 9:28:32 pm
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Quarvasharessssssussunbrornthalackzhindfanaarecolindodaltarshawndgareth Of Olath Velve

Means: Lloth's bright surprise attack veiled light bearer  daughter of Tarshawn and Gareth of Shadow Blade

It is a big name for a little ---ish blue gold dragon drow elen elf and an even bigger prophecy.

Ssussunbrorn is 4 foot six inches tall with deep golden skin and alcarin blue green eyes and golden blonde hair. She is slender in build and walks with a slight limp. She is "perky" and curious and loves flying and sunshine more than anything else. Which is odd since she has spent most of her life in the Underdark Of Aber-toril.

She is also a 15 foot long blue green dragon with a 30 foot wing span.

She is the youngest of three young dragons born to Tarshawn Phoenix. She has  three older brothers one of which is not a dragon and had one older sister who has since died.

Her oldest brother is one Galain Alacain or rather 'Lain. Her brother who is not draconic is Velkyn Kenafin and her "littlest" big brother is Lomelinde.

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