Character Details - Scarlett O'har

Written by Mer Gi'shalCreated : 23-Feb-2008 12:46:36 pm
Last Edited : 23-Feb-2008 1:05:53 pm

Scarlett Rose O'Har came to ArenaWorld as an enigma. Noone know where she came from or even what species she is. Ask 10 different creatures what she looks, and you will get 10 different answers. Scarlett looks like whatever the observer is comfortable seeing. The two constants are that she is a "she" and she is or wears Scarlet red.

She actually has no form but is a ball of red colored energy that forms into whatever she sees fit. Her race of people has evolved beyond the need for a physical form, but she enjoys manifesting one anyway. She "sees" in her color (infrared) spectrum and therefore most things that appeal to her the same energy signature as she does.

This character has no avatar at the moment.