Character Details - Trula

Written by Mer Gi'shalCreated : 23-Feb-2008 12:46:09 pm
Last Edited : 23-Feb-2008 1:44:24 pm

Lady Trula, one of the few known females of her race, a very warlike and aggressive  insectiod hive.

 Lady Trula when in her larval stage, appearing as a massive, pale, corpulent insectoid grub of enormous proportions. She usually travels on her personal anti-grav sled, escorted by her body guards and servants, who bring with them vast quantities of food for her to consume.

 After approximately 1,800 years in her larval stage and another 200 years pupating, Lady Trula has emerged in her slender, graceful, wasp-like adult form. 

Lady Trula is polite, charming, and most interested in how many different kinds of competitive races and shows her House holdings win. She communicates via a vocal translator device, as most other beings have great difficulty understanding her language of chitinous clicks, chirps, pops, buzzes, and hisses. She also uses pheromones to help manipulate those she wishes to "use".

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