Character Details - Azothrael

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azoth = mercury(poisonous liquid transforming metal element); rael = winged messenger

Archaeovitae rara avis; one of the original forms life took in the chaos before order, particularly strange and exceedingly rare.

Usually appears as a tall, bat-winged biped male, having lavender-violet feathers for hair, with a single spiraling ram’s horn growing from the left side of his head, patches of lavender-violet feathers on left shoulder and wrapping around hips/groin/posterior region. Odd marking on right abdomen resembling climbing black flames. Wears a belted leather kilt, and leather-metal sleeves to protect both arms. Legs and feet appear to be sheathed in bands of heavy leather with metal bits sprouting out randomly.

Azothrael acts as an agent of transformation, randomly creating, destroying, or altering whatever he encounters. Neither benevolent nor malevolent, he simply is - and enjoys being. His unattainable goal is to restore everything back to the state of chaos it was in when he first came into being. Although he can appreciate the beauty of creation, he also sees an equal beauty in the undoing of creation - for Azothrael, beauty is in the altering patterns of energy as it fluctuates between states.

Older than nearly any other known being or thing, Azothrael alludes to events that seem to predate the current multiverse, hinting at beings and places which exist outside known realities. Despite his apparent agelessness, he seems to always be discovering something new; a new form of life, a new place, a new concept, something else to experience before moving on.

Generally viewed as the unwitting creator of the first chimerical creatures, Azothrael can’t seem to help himself - he’s always playing at re-shaping reality and the beings within it.

It should be noted that Azothrael is attracted to areas of high radiation/magic, most likely due to the potent energies and increased probability of mutations. Some have theorized that the state of energy at the instant of sub-atomic breakdown most closely mimics the state of the multiverse’s being at the point when Azothrael came to be.

Favored quotes: "What if, why not is Law, and All is/is not, simultaneous?" "Swimming in the primordial soup again, are we?" "Gene pool cleanup on aisle seven, please." "Quick, change!"

Favored method of creation/destruction/alteration: Azothrael can manipulate the patterns of energy that make up the known multiverse - effectively reducing everything to unharnessed energy for an instant before re-forming the patterns in random, new ways, giving rise to entirely new elements, materials, alloys, and forms of life. Changes may be as small as an alteration in one sub-atomic particle, a sudden new concept, or as vast as an entirely re-formed star system.

Azothrael does not seem affected by natural laws(except the conservation of mass/energy), nor is he aware of any other type of law - though he is aware of individual beings and the concept of free will. On occasion, he has been coaxed into reversing or undoing changes he has made; though one can never be certain everything’s COMPLETELY back the way it was before he altered it. This does not mean he is invincible or invulnerable; indeed, Azothrael has been wounded and nearly destroyed many times in the past. He alludes to other beings who are capable of hurting or controlling him, with what seems to be a mixture of fear and quiet dread.

His behavior and attitudes alternate, encompassing everything from the infantile to the exceedingly wise, and may run the course in under a second. It is debatable whether he actually feels emotions as most beings do, or if his outward attitudes and behaviors are all put on for the benefit of others. Those who have encountered Azothrael seem to feel it is a bit of both.

Azothrael may not have ever experienced love in any form; the emotion seems to baffle him when he encounters it. He has experienced lust in many forms, and finds the physical sensations appealing. His very nature - change incarnate - renders it impossible for him to be bound, soul-bonded, or in any other way tied to another being or place.

Whether or not he has any children depends on how you count them. Azothrael has created many unique beings and things, as well as quite a few species, races, and life forms. Are they his children? He never claims them as such, preferring to allow them their own concepts of their origins, until his next visit, when he’s just as likely to unmake them and create something else.

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