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ShadowPhysical Description:
Known Name: Shadow Silverleaf
Full Name: Dúdae Lia Celeblasse
Translation: Nightshade Precious Stone Silverleaf
Nick Names: Kitty, Kitathas, Shady, Lina, Max
Race: Taurësúlë
Age: 2637 (as of The Cracked Mirror)
Apparent Age: Late twenties to early thirties
Accent: Native American
Height: 6' 0"
Build/Weight: Slender hourglass/ athletic / 140 lbs
Hair: Waist length wavy onyx and silver
Eyes: "Forest Green" Truthfully her eyes are a blend of greens. For the most part they have an evergreen tint mixed with a deep hunter green, and sometimes flexes of silver can be seen within.
Complexion: Rich copper

Shirt: Swordsmen’s shirt (generally in forest green, or black) that laces from just below her bust line but is generally loosely laced with flowing sleeves.
Trousers: Skin tight, black, Whispinian leather pants that lace up the side from thigh to waist
Boots: Black, knee high, typically dusty, rounded toe boots

Personal Items usually carried:
Necklace: Twisted black silk cord with a silver leaf in a tribal motif that rests slightly below the hollow of her throat
Left wrist: A worn braided leather strap with a thin piece of silver running through it (gift from Suriel, silver gift from Aaron and later woven in)
Right hand middle finger: Silver band engraved with vines (signet ring)
Left hand little finger: small ring made of woven silver (gift from Y’Roden)

Identifying Marks
Visible Markings
Left side of throat: Silver scar roughly the shape of a star just above the vein and close to her jaw (stab wound from Railen)
Right collar bone: Panther lounging on sword (Parental bond to Y’Roden)*
Right bicep: slight half circle burn* (Originally came from Argent and carried over through their bond)
Right hand: Scar running index finger, across palm to heel (blood bond thes’mirn now dead)

* Indicates markings that may or may not be visible depending on clothing.

Non-visible Markings
Base of skull on right side Scars of two puncture wounds (snake bite)
Right shoulder blade: Blood red rune (birthmark)
Right shoulder/base of neck: Scar of stab wound (stabbed by Daemon Ashev during Tourney)
Black: Criss-cross of lash marks
Chest right above heart: Jagged silver scar (stab wound from Railen)
Right side: Scar of stab wound (stabbed by Dorian Ashev)
Upper right outer thigh: Burn scar in the shape of a purple flame
Hollow of right hip: Three crescent moons resting back to back and connected by a circle outlined in liquid silver and inlaid with ebony (Mark of Selene Moonbow)

Personal Information:
Personality: Strong willed, temperamental and violent are often the first three words that come to mind when dealing with Shadow. While those that really know her know that she is also loving, playful, and loyal to fault. Some have also called her beautiful, a description that makes her uncomfortable. She loves a good fight and will not walk away from a challenge, and if she doesn’t like you the first time she meets you, there’s a slim chance that you’ll gain her trust.

Occupation: Thief, Assassin, Bard, High Princess of Sha'dar, Taurësúlë Enrai’er

Skills and Abilities: Shadow has an infinite power supply that she could quite easily destroy words without a thought, however it needs to be noted she is not “all powerful” Shadow is limited by her own fears, the only times these guards drop is when angered. She prefers to attack with lightning; she also has a strong handle on storm elements, generally large gusts of wind but is not limited to them. She is a gifted healer, a shape shifter generally choosing the form of a black panther, and a Seerer. Natural/racial abilities include a natural heating and cooling system. Shadow can also blend into shadows and manipulate them. For more information, please see abilities

Weapons Used: Daggers are her weapons of choice; throwing daggers are hidden on her person. Daggers of mention are an identical pair, one strapped to each thigh, the blades are jagged and made of thes’mirn the pommel is ebony, both blade and pommel arch and end in a spike also made of thes’mirn, a blade of thes’mirn curves over the back of her hands to protect them. Shadow also uses whatever is handy at the time, if that includes ramming her head into her opponent’s at the time, or a knee into the groin she won’t hesitate to do so, however the latter only in dire circumstances.

Background Information:
History: Please see the character's website
Marital Status: Single: Love interest Turq Ara’Lyban
Blood or Soul Bonds: Silverleaf Tapestry, Argent Silverleaf (Twin bond), D’Riel Web, An’Thaya Blackthorn (Sibling soul bond), Y’Roden D’Riel (Parental Bond)

Fathered by KurrPhelan Goldsong: Lhach Celeblasse
Fathered by Suriel Aerta: Relainia, Riel, Aaron (Galain), Fanaiel (deceased)
Fathered by Dakien Sorntur: Raven, Cole (deceased), Kegan, Cade, Kaiden, Daerkal
Fathered by Dolash Darkwind: Kaltaur, Sparrow, Robin


Lhach Celeblasse and Dinlina Vairkuu: Pippit Vairkuu
Lhach and Kaelan Celeblasse: Lairë, Alasse, Leuthil, Luthalion, Meleth, Leo (Talathlyon)

God and Adopted Children:
Duncan Raven
Kaylee Raven Alcarin
Balan Raven
Jaret Greyford
Kalab Greyford

Other Information or Things that may be discovered by your character:
  • Shadow is a private person and doesn't divulge much about herself except to those she trust completely - which isn't many.
  • Shadow does NOT give her real name; it is not a matter of believing that a real name is powerful as much as a matter of trust. Very few know what her true name is and it’s the way she likes it, she has been known to give false names.
  • Shadow's eyes are extremely light sensitive. Bright flashes in the dark causes pain, the degree of which depends on the brightness as well as how quickly her sight repairs itself. The closer she is to the point of light the more likely that night blindness will occur. It isn't uncommon for her to complain about a light being too bright when its too dim for someone else.
  • Bright flashes of light can also keep Shadow from shifting. If she is in a semi-shadow and a light flashes she 'shatters' and makes sound reminisent of glass breaking. Shattering is extremely painful and can be deadly.
  • A little “trick” that the elf can do. Shadow can take a piece of silver and work with it until she can easily weave it into a bracelet of something else. It’s a skill that her grandmother taught her, and something that they could do together, just the two of them. She has sense shared this with Y'Roden D'Riel.
  • Shadow’s scent is that of high arid places, crisp forests and something most can’t seem to place a finger on, violets.
  • The scent of violets fills the air when Shadow is healing someone.
  • Shadow loves strawberry wine more than she does the whiskey she is seen with.
  • Shadow cannot get drunk on ‘common’ liquor
  • Shadow is deathly afraid of snakes
  • Shadow’s blood is almost black in colour when beaded, with a silver sheen. The silver sheen is do the excessive amount of Sildanai blood that runs through their veins. If extreme amounts of blood is lost something akin to steam will rise from the blood, sapping the silver from it
  • Shadow's eyes turn black when angered, if she is pushed beyond that point the air will crackle with electricty. This has happened a few times but the best example is when dealing with her twin, the electricity became lightning and blew up a tree. She can control it depending on the circumstances. Example: If the object of her rage is not present then the lightning will jump from cloud to cloud and will appear as a thunderstorm.
  • She chews on her bottom lip
  • 'Happy people' annoy the hell out of her.
  • Her favorite colours are blue, forest green, black and silver
  • Shadow has spent some time on Terra and has gone there on an occasion, as a result she has learned how to hack into computer systems. (This is NOT something that can easily be learned)
  • Shadow does have visions, however its something that she has not been able to grasp though she has gotten better with it with time. However, they often leave her with a headache, the more detailed they are the worse the headache. During these times her eyes also change to a swirl of silver and green 'mist'. NOTE: After The Cracked Mirror Shadow has a better handle on her visions and the pain has subsided.
  • There are times when Shadow can see the past, the present, and the future at the same time. They appear as ghosts to her, strangely these visions only causes small amounts of pressure and not pain.
  • When concentrating heavily on any 'magic' that she does, her eyes change to a swirl of silver and green mist that often fogs out of the eye sockets like the reaction of dried ice to water.
  • Shadow is considered the Ekar'hien (Alpha Female) for her Ekar (Pack) which consists of three others: Her brother Argent, Einar Raven and Tryoan Wounded-arrow
  • Shadow suffers from claustrophobia, it’s a fear she’s known about for some time and Blagden exploited when he’s had her in his clutches. The first time anyone else discovered it was during the story The Talisman of Time. During the story Shadow as on a spaceship and the only way she didn’t go insane was that she kept walking and the one who discovered it kept picking fights with her to keep her mind off of it. It only seems to manifest when on spaceships or below ground. However, if the ceiling of a below ground chamber is vaulted it doesn’t bother her.
  • Shadow has recently started carrying a pair of teashade sunglasses because of her eyes sensitivity to light.

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