Character Details - T Larsson

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T. Larsson

Celestial Malakim, (Warrior cast)

Apparent Age: 35

Height: 8'

Weight: 387 lbs.

Build: Muscular humanoid male with two pair of large feathered wings and tail

Hair: Pale blonde, almost white; worn long & flowing

Eyes: Celestial Blue; fading to glowing white

Complexion: Flawless golden tan, smooth

Clothing: Varies - sometimes armored, sometimes clad in robes, sometimes wearing a business suit and necktie. Sometimes clad in jeans and a sweat shirt with worn sneakers.

Personal items usually carried: Almost nil. Some form of local ID.

Weapons used: ANY. LITERALLY.

Abilities/Skills: Can manifest flaming swords, feather blades, blade wall, sphere of destruction, expanding blast wave, energy burst, nova flare. Able to move faster than thought. Instinctively comprehends the construction, use, and purpose of any destructive device or weapon, natural, magical, or engineered. Knowledgeable about Law and all its aspects; has been a Warlord, a District Attorney, and a lawyer. Rumored to be something of a lover, as well. Racial abilities of Malakim - existing outside of time, apparent ability to be several places at once; several ages at once, able to split his attention several ways without loss of concentration. Knows at a glance the most and least honorable things anyone has done(note: honorable by the individual’s standards; not by his own.). Veteran of countless combats - in war as well as in the arenas. Has acted as an agent of divine will during wartime. Capable of manifesting divine wrath.

Personality: Depending on the situation you meet him under, he can come across as a cold, unfeeling entity of destruction; a competent, knowledgeable, experienced lawyer; or a warm, loving soul who would sacrifice anything for those he holds dear. In reality, he is all of these things, and more. The one constant about his personality is his dogged determination - once he enters into a situation, he WILL see it through to its conclusion.

Occupation: Divine agent of War(warlord), ret.; District Attorney, ret.; Lawyer; father

History: After an extensive career in the Celestial military as the lead Malakim of War, T. Larsson retired amid a brief scandal - of which he was entirely cleared, during his career as District Attorney, with the fall of House Giathu on ArenaWorld. Retired from being DA, T. Larsson took up a legal practice on ArenaWorld, where he is on retainer for two Houses. He is rumored to have children by two or even three lovers, and has adopted the founders of House Burning Victory, taking them under his wing.

A pre-ban veteran of the ArenaWorld combat arenas, T. Larsson is no stranger to the quirks of fate. He originally came to ArenaWorld before it was first terra formed, and fought on it after it became a battlefield world during the war; he returned for the founding of House Giathu, and fought often in the arenas under that emblem. Rumors abound as to what his possible involvement in the fall of House Giathu might have been, though there is no evidence or witness to substantiate any of them. What is known is that he had a hand in stopping the destruction of ArenaWorld, and he was present when House Giathu fell, and its founder vanished. T. Larsson assisted in the salvaging of the remnants of House Giathu, helping them re-form as House Winged Horrors. He is still rumored to have a loose association with that House.

Marital status: Purportedly married as many as three times, rumored divorced only once.

Soul Bonds: Rumored to be soul-bonded to two of his purported lovers.

Children: Rumored to have fathered 106 children; largely discounted, as one rumor claims 100 of those were by the same mate, simultaneously. Adopted the founders of House Burning Victory.

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