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General Information

Name: Genji (Originally, Genji used to belong to the noble Monorobe family, though long has this detail been forgotten.)

Meaning of name: Source, clan.

Race: Sorcerer – was human in the past

Gender: Male

More Commonly Known As: Kamen-umai

Meaning: Skilled mask

Marital Status: Single

Preference: Both Genders

Accent: A mixture of many different Asian languages, including: Japanese, Chinese, Korean and Sanskrit

Physical Description

Height: Varies, is never the same height, can be as small as a pixie or as tall as an elf, depending on the situation.

Eyes: Coal black

Hair: Crimson

Complexion: Deathly pale

Clothing: In his most human form Kamen-umai wears a battered, old brown robe and many mistake him for a priest. He has a sense of style, though, and sometimes has a tendancy to dress in a very pea-cockish way, though while travelling in other worlds he keeps it simple - unless he assumes the identity of a woman, then he gives reign to his creativity.

General Appearance: Kamen-umai is hard to describe by appearance, orginally, he had been unremarkable, but time and experince had made him unrecognizable. In his most human form, his is male in body and soul but his face holds a certain feminine beauty mirroring his personality in a way.

He could seem completely like a crimson-haired, beautiful woman if he likes (and he doesn't really mind the male attention he gets)


Four hundred years ago he was the heir of one of the noble families closest to the Emperor of Sunland. But at the age of eighteen he was forced to flee for his life to escape execution (Genji's father, Takeru Monorobe betrayed the Emperor and so all the men of Monorobe House were sentenced to death. Most escaped this fate and fell into strange and various places.)

Genji fled to the Sub-continent where the Five-River flows and where the sorcerer clan existed. These people believed in different Gods, had dark skin and a strange language, but Genji felt a thirst for the knowledge they offered and so gave his soul to the clan.

He had great talent in the Masked Arts that are also known as Magical-Irony. It is the kind of magic that one needs the ability to read between the lines to be able to preform. Genji was a talent that the tribe hadn't seen in a thousand years.

Though Genji's power went beyond control - the clan saw him as a threat and so he was given the title of Kamen-umai - The Skilled Mask, and asked to find his fate elsewhere.

Kamen-umai is more than just a title, it is a mythical entity on its own that merges into the one who uses it. Something of Genji's identity was weakened as all the past-lives of Kamen-umai seeped into him. He had memories he never experinced and for a hundred years he wandered the world, going even beyond the borders of Sunland, trying to recall who he really is.

At first he did not see being Kamen-umai as a blessing, his first impulse was to flee, but once the title is placed upon a body, it can never be removed. Once Kamen-umai, always Kamen-umai.

So, as fate wrote in Genji's book, at the end of the century, Genji hardly remained, he was something of a wraith in his own body, he had to share it with millions of past lives, creatures and people from hundreds of different places and worlds.

If it weren't for Suiko, Genji would have remained gone forever. Love had a way of bringing life to Kamen-umai. An entity that more than anything loved to love. Though Kamen-umai as itself did not have an identity, it needed Genji's spirit to awaken so it could love Suiko.

At that time, Suiko was the most beautiful woman in the world, she was the wife of the Emperor of Sunland and all who saw her swore that she could bewitch someone with a mere look. They nicknamed her The Golden Enchantress and thought that she was the embodiment of the Goddess of the Sun.

And she loved Genji, so when the Emperor died, she wanted them to marry and for Genji to be the next Emepror. Though Kamen-umai had different plans. Suiko's love was her ruin, the nobility did not see her open romance with someone who was obviously not noble as something they wished of their Empress and they certainly didn't want someone who was not of the nobility to be the Emperor. She lost her title, and her reputation was destroyed. Kamen-umai deserted her as well, for she had grown old and was no longer beautiful - Genji had wanted to stay with her, to hold her in these dark hours, but he was not strong enough.

After that, he swore he would be stronger than Kamen-umai, he swore that he would control this entity, that he would be the one pulling the strings.

Though sadly, when he was finally strong enough, he was hardly himself anymore. Hundreds of years of living had taken its toll on him and Genji was no longer the man he used to be.

In a way, Kamen-umai had won the battle. Though perhaps not the war, years, many years would pass before Genji would have to confront - not Kamen-umai - he would have to confront himself

The Masked Arts are hard to describe, a general description might make one wonder why at all they are called by such a name, though many years of study might cause one to understand that there is no other name that could suit such complicated magic. The Masked Arts cannot be taught through words, nor can they be shown or demonstrated. It is in the preciseness that these arts lie, in the movements that the body knows and the heart could feel, but the mind cannot understand. The five senses a person has cannot bring him to any understanding, they are too weak, too affected by the brain to be able to connect to this art, what the eye cannot see, what the hands cannot feel, that is the Masked Arts. 


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