Character Details - Dec'ember Ny'tte

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Decembers Siggy

Physical Description:

*Name: Dec'Ember Ny'tte 

*Race: Drow

*World: Elemmiire, under the Amar'an Mountains, on the Western Continent.

*Age: 40

Apparent Age (if different): 25

*Height: 5' 6"

*Build: Muscular/athletic

Weight: 115 

*Hair: White

*Eyes: Ruby red

Complexion: Onyx, or black. When she outside the sunlight causes her skin to become a few shades lighter. But this is simply an illusion, a trick of the light.   

*Identifying Marks (if present): Thin white scar on the right tip of her ear.

Clothing: Black leather pants, shirt and boots, with a magical, shielding cloak, called a “piwafwi”.

She also wears Spidersilk under her clothes. A breathable fabric used as armor. After the silken threads have been weaved together they become stronger than steel, but soft and light, like a spiders web, making for easy movement.  

Personal Items usually carried:

Under her collar, most drow wear a neck-purse. In it, noble drow carry their house insignia. Commoners will carry a black medal medallion denoting the house they serve, of the merchant clan they belong to.

In the streets of a drow city, house insignia are usually displayed openly (as adornments) only by the members and servants of the “First House” (most dominant family) of the city. Insignia of lesser houses can be seen on the walls or gates of their strongholds, and are often worn openly inside such strongholds.

The house insignia if nobles that the form of distinctive sculpted images, often equipped for use as brooches. All carry several magical powers - minor abilities known in detail only to members of the House. 

Personal Information:


Like most Drow, December trust no other creatures, including (or especially) other drow. The relations of such a paranoid race with others is uneasy, to say the least. Possible equals (the drow admit to no race as their superior) are dealt with by a mixture of armed truces, hard bargaining, subtle threats, magic, and mutual-gain pacts. Only exceptional drow individuals come to trust another being fully (and live to tell the tale!). Rule over all the subterranean races is the ultimate goal of drow. The Second Part is the extermination of all other elven races, including the seizing of surface lands and holdings.

But December is an exception to that rule.

If drow are treacherous among themselves, they are even more so in their dealings with others. Drow will readily “negotiate” with other races over matters of boundaries, trade, and peace. They will break any such agreements and treaties the moment that terms no longer seem advantageous (bargains with “lesser races” are not considered binding). Most races have learned to be cautious and alert when dealing with drow, and to have several tricks up one’s sleeve to deal with the treachery when - not if - it comes.

This is not to say that drow are an unruly, unpredictable mob of violent berserkers, engaged in a sort of endless civil war. (Actually, a more apt description to some would be that they are a decadent, status-obsessed nest of vipers engaged in an endless controlled civil war.) They strive always for personal ascendancy, yes, but their striving is governed by rules and group-loyalties. Even if freed from the authority of an established House, ruler, or realm, drow instinctively band together in groups. Survival, to these warlike folk (so often at sword’s point among themselves) is often a matter of numbers, trusted battle-companions, and tactics.

*See Elemmiire Mytho's on Drows.

*History: Working on it!

*Marital Status: single

     *Children: None

     *Blood or Soul Bonds: None 


Blade for hire. Dec'ember is a Dark Elf Wizard. Once she was second in line to take over control of House Ny'tte, now being controlled by her mother. She has been exiled, for failing to follow the Spider Queen's  order to kill her older sister, and force House Ny'tte into battle with a house who's 'lost face' with the Goddess. She was forced to live underground for ten years, while being hunted by her family. She was later forced above ground with the 'pale-skins', taking on the job of Blade for hire.

*Skills and Abilities:

The abilities to evoke dancing lights, faerie fire, and darkness. These powers vary slightly from place to place according to lineage, natural differences between individuals, differences in the prolonged favor of drow deities, and variations in the local intensity of the natural radiation of the Darkness. 

She's also clairvoyance, able to detect lies, suggestions, and dispel magic. Additional abilities include detecting the undead, ESP (other drow only, 20’ maximum range), and invisibility to undead.

*Weapons Used:

Xen’drik scimitar, a single edged blade made of a steel. Most scimitars are 31" in length and curved, but December's blade has only the slightest arch, with a slight hook near its center.

A small handheld crossbow, the bolts of which are often poisoned hangs by her side. The quiver can be seen straped to her right leg, for easy reach and loading.  

Uses the following people's images for their avatars:

Hallie Berry