Character Details - Amari Nao

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Name: Nao Amari

Gender: Female

Age: 17

Nao's father, the king of Amari died young leaving Nao's brother, Shun, as heir to the kingdom. Though Shun was only nine – too young to rule a complicated kingdom such as Amari. That was why their uncle, Honha, was placed as the Steward of Amari.

At those times there raged a bloody war in the Eastern border of Amari against the Dauga kingdom who wished to add Amari into their territory and thus rule the largest part of the continent. For many years Amari held its front against Dauga until both kingdoms were plagued by a new enemy – the Kino. The Kino had been a small kingdom, though their new technology enabled them to grow large in a short time. Some said it seemed as though the Kino had risen with the sun on one morning.

To protect their kingdoms against the new threat, Dauga and Amari decided to create an alliance. Honha found that apart from a stronger power that the alliance would give him, he had other, greater things for his benefit. The law stated that when the heir to the crown was of age, the steward must step down. Honha had no desire or intention to step down.

The alliance served as a splendid excuse to get rid of Shun and Nao, the two were given to the Dauga, as hostages to ensure the alliance. Nao left her mother and home when she was barely ten and in Dauga was separated from her brother, sent to live in the castle of one of Dauga's lords instead of the king's castle.

The years passed and as was written in the sky, disaster struck. After carefully planning his treachery, Honha broke his alliance with Dauga and created a new alliance with the Kino. He sent to Dauga the heads of the King Dauga's sons who had been hostages at Amari with a message expressing that he cared not for the fate of his brother's children.

Shun took his own life, Nao was told, though she could never believe it. A woman living in the Dauga lord's house took pity of Nao and sneaked her out of the castle, bringing her to the village witch.

The words that the woman told her would always remain etched in her memory – "Your uncle betrayed you, Nao. Even if you flee and reach Amari it is not safe for you. You must choose between the next world – or a new world."


Hair: Black and slightly wavy but as soft as silk
Eyes: Dark brown, almond shaped slanted eyes
Skin: Nao has an ivory complexion, apart from her lips which are full and red and a dash of pinkness in her cheeks.
Height: around 5" ft, maybe shorter.
Build: Slight and gentle with a rather thin waist. She almost seems breakable.

Nao doesn't know she is beautiful, because no one told her so. She had seen her face dozens of times in her bronze mirror, but it had not struck her as unusual, or particularly special. But words had been whispered about her without her knowledge. Everyone knew that Nao's grandmother had been a Medium between the Gods and the people and had possessed bewitching powers, rumor had it that Nao's beauty could bewitch, just as her grandmother did.


Nao's personality can be divided into two. There was the Nao before her uncle's betrayal and the Nao that the betrayal and Shun's death created.

Before – Nao had been surprisingly sharp for a woman, though had wisely decided to hide it. She had always been strong willed and stubborn, but never hesitated to smile or be kind to those around her. She felt like a doll of fate, and had often fallen into periods of depression in which she refused to eat. Her long years as a hostage had made her an introvert; she managed to separate completely between her feelings and action. She hid herself so well that even her enemies praised her for being the utter model of virtue, acting precisely as a woman and a hostage should act.

The potential for change existed inside her, but it took an earthquake to unleash.

After the whirlwind of events that led Nao away from her world, she discovered a thirst for power, a reckless fire burns inside her, sometimes even maddening her mind. She feels in control of herself, but this is not true, it is impossible to control fire, especially when what drives it is the will for revenge. She'll be soft at first, because when one looks at her, she seems like a soft, weak person. But she knows what she wants and she knows her spirit will never rest until she has power, power over the men who thought they could break her.

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