Character Details - Marie Dodd

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Physical Description:
Preferred Name: Marie Dodd
Birth Name: Sirena Marie Dodd
Meaning of Name: Serene bitterness
Race: Human
Age: 26
Apparent Age (if different): --
Height: 5’ 8”
Build/Weight: Slender
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Grey Green
Complexion: Tan
Clothing: Anything that is comfortable, generally jeans and sneakers with a weather appropriate shirt.
Personal Items usually carried: Small pocket knife (non dangerous); necklace with a key on it; occasionally wears glasses
Identifying Marks (if present): Scar at corner of her left eye
Accent: American

Personal Information:
Personality: Shy, dorky, loves to laugh, nerdy
Occupation: Writer
Skills and Abilities: --
Weapons Used: --

Background Information:
Marital Status: Single
Children: None
Blood or Soul Bonds: N/A
Brief History: Marie grew up as a single child but with a large imagination that was encouraged by her maternal grandmother who raised her. Marie doesn’t know much about her father as her parents were separated before her birth, her mother, however, was often busy working so that her daughter could have a good life. Her mother occasionally returned for holidays but not often which resulted in a more sisterly relationship between them.

After a time, Marie took to traveling, often working odd jobs in what ever town or city that she’s in to save back enough money to make it to her next destination.

Other Information or Things that may be discovered by your character:
  • Marie drives a 1951 oxidized black chevy pick-up that once belonged to her grandfather. (If found in the fantasy genre, she does not have it with her)
  • Marie grew up listening to country-western
  • Marie loves ‘story songs’ such as A Boy Named Sue by Johnny Cash
  • Marie has a very eclectic taste in music.

This character is a work in progress, if you have any questions please inbox Shadow Silverleaf

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