Character Details - Japheth Cole

Written by Rhiannon KTralCreated : 7-Feb-2008 1:24:31 pm
Last Edited : 7-Feb-2008 1:51:26 pm

Name: Japheth Cole

Age: 13

Height: 5'1"

Weight: 115lbs

Eye: Hazel

Hair: Blond

Clan: Lion/Tiger (though he do not know it)

Life: Aer’Hon (1)

Bonds ~ None at this time

Appearance: Japheth, though is DNA is all felinumeara, is human in appearance.  His blond hair comes down to just brush his shoulders.  Unlike his twin Japheth is somewhat on the serious side and his hazel eyes show this.  In all other respects he looks like your average thirteen year old.

Demeanor: As I said Japheth is very serious.  He looks at the world around him and tries to understand how it works.  He totally believes that if he works hard enough then he will eventually figure it out.  This, however, does not take up all Japheth’s time.  He does enjoy spending time those less fortunate than himself and helping them in whatever way is needed.

Abilities: Japheth has the basic felinumeara abilities though he is untrained at this time.

History: Japheth and his twin were conceived in secret and then taken from their mother’s womb at the instant their cells formed.  They were allowed to develop normally while the planet CathEska was put into stasis for thirteen years.  It is The Great Weaver’s intention to help change the felinumeara people by using them to add different DNA to the gene pool.  When they are placed in the Kelvarian Jungle the goddess of the felinumeara people gave the boys amnesia so that they would not recall growing up under her watchful eye. 


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Cole Sprouse