Character Details - Spangle

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Theropod Carnosaur, Spinosaurus Aegyptiacus

Age: Adult

Height: fully upright, 26' tall; normal stance, 16' to top of head; 23' to top of sail on back.

Build/Weight: roughly 60' long, snout to tail-tip, bipedal, approximately 7.5 tons

Hair: N/A

Eyes: Bright yellow-green with blue and brown striations

Complexion: Scaled, colored in shades of blue underneath, blending into striations of green shades above, with touches of yellow-green and hints of brown and orange

Identifying marks: Color patterning on the dorsal sail is distinctive, sufficient for identification.

Clothing: Golden tabard with House Emblem; ankle bells(all removed for hunting/combat)

Personal items usually carried: Large carry sack on belt holding items of interest, including crystal weapon.













Personality: Spangle is intelligent, and seems to wear an expression of amusement most of the time - especially when meeting new people. He is well-meaning, and can be friendly - though his enthusiasm is sometimes dangerous. Expressive and communicative in his own way, Spangle has learned to mimic sounds - motors, other creatures, etc. - in order to clarify his communication with other beings. Usually nocturnal, Spangle enjoys swimming, hunting, and sunning. Prey items include mollusks, sharks, giant squid - when he can get it - mosasaurs, and large sauropod dinosaurs. Spangle has been known to mimic sauropod calls in order to lure them into striking range. General scent reminiscent of the ocean and beach(salt spray and sand), with a faint hint of citrus. Note that Spangle’s eyes are geared more for nocturnal vision, he sees colors differently. Spangle won’t eat humans - he says they smell bad, and taste worse. Loves honey.

Occupation: Occasional arena fighter, mate and father to a brood of four; guardian of a fishing fleet.

Skills/Abilities: Hand-to-hand fighting, hunting(aquatic), hunting(terrestrial), tracking, intimidation, speaks/reads/writes/comprehends several languages, mimickry, sub-sonic bellow, crystal weapon usage. Front claws capable of manipulating items. Remarkable, multi-ton bite force, powerful slashing claw strikes, raking hind claws, tail lash, and body slams. Capable of balancing on one foot. A stalking hunter, Spangle can move with amazing speed, agility and grace, often in near-total silence(hence the ankle bells). Semi-aquatic, strong swimmer, capable of diving and swimming beneath the surface for extended periods of time.

Weapons used: Teeth, claws, tail, taloned feet, body slam. Crystal weapon. Sub-sonic bellow. Spangle generally tries intimidation first, then combat if opponent doesn’t flee.

History: Spangle came through a great stone archway - a gateway through time - and settled in a seaside valley when he was a juvenile. He dealt with a few knights who thought he was a marauding monster, made peace with the local fishing fleet and villagers, and eventually went back through the gate. A month later, he returned, bringing a mate with him. They are now raising their brood of four in the same seaside valley.

Marital Status: Mated.

Children: Brood of four.












Special: The crystal weapon Spangle uses is a perfectly flawless, translucent, naturally faceted colored gem. When properly used, it gathers sunlight, building up a powerful charge, and releases the focused energy in a tight, cohesive beam when triggered. It is generally worn on his head, between his brow ridges when used, and is thought that he triggers it by combining squeezing his brow ridges together with adjusting the angle of the scales beneath the crystal. Spangle says it is generally only used against "sky people"; those beings who came from the stars when he was a hatchling. He NEVER uses it when hunting.
































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Image by Todd Marshall of Spinosaurus Aegyptiacus.