Character Details - Bernie

Written by Victor B. TingCreated : 4-Feb-2008 6:02:49 pm
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Chromatic Dragon of Tessalon VI

3 yrs. Old

Height(standing on all four feet): 1ft. Tall

Nose to tail-tip length(laid out flat): 2ft. 6in. long

Wingspan(tip to tip): 5ft. outstretched

Weight: 2.5 lbs.

Build: Slim quadruped, with serpentine neck and tail, winged.

Hair: Short, small tuft at the back of his head

Eyes: Bright blue, clear and shining

Complexion: Smooth, glossy scales

Identifying marks: None yet

Clothing: Might be wearing his grav suit, or his powered battlesuit.

Personal items usually carried: Emblem of Ownership (House Burning Victory on ArenaWorld)

Personality: Friendly, outgoing, extrovert, generally cheerful

Occupation: ArenaWorld Owner; Salesperson

Skills and Abilities: Bernie is the consummate sales person - able to listen and work out what a being might need, and able to match that need to a product, for a price. Bernie also flies, bakes wicked good brownies, and makes the BEST ambrosia salad you’ll ever put in your mouth. Bernie also makes a wonderful showman, and is a whiz at making encouraging speeches to boost morale. Bernie is also a whiz at video games - and at operating the controls on a powered battlesuit. Possessing a very large vocabulary for one his age, Bernie tries to keep his statements concise and to the point, yet interesting enough that people will want to listen.

Weapons Used: Breath Weapon (super-heated plasma stream), claws, sonic shriek, teeth, powered battlesuit

History: In the wake of a natural disaster that struck the hatching grounds of the Chromatic Dragons of Tessalon VI, Bernie’s egg was found, where it had rolled away from the nest and survived. He was presumed an orphan, and was adopted a week after he hatched out. He is growing up as Victor’s adopted brother, under Victor’s care and protection.

Bernie moonlights as a salesman for the "Expressions" company.

Uses the following people's images for their avatars:

images of dragon sculptures by Pena.