Character Details - Ting

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Arcturian cat-bear

Age: Uncertain, presumed sub-adult

Height/Length: 4 ft. at the shoulder when on all fours, nose-to-tail-tip 7'6"

Build/Weight: Quadrupedal, heavily muscled; 220 lbs.

Hair: Red Fur - long, dense, multi-layered coat

Eyes: Two; large, cat-like, liquid gold-green

Complexion: Furred

Identifying marks: None visible

Clothing: Black "Bowler" style hat

Personal items usually carried: Belt with a carry pouch, an Emblem of Ownership (House Burning Victory on ArenaWorld), double-bladed battle axe

Personality: Ting tends to reflect back the kind of personality he is greeted with on first meeting anyone new. Depending on how that goes, as to how his personality will be around that person ever after. Most people make the mistake of assuming Ting is merely an animal, and fail to treat him as the intelligent being he is. Few people know Ting can talk.

Occupation: Ting is the visible muscle behind House Burning Victory; he also helps run the business, acts as Bernie’s protector, and is Victor’s long-time best friend.

Skills and Abilities: Ting’s dense coat of fur may as well be armor - it entangles and blunts blade weapons, absorbs the impact of bludgeoning weapons and missel weapons, and blocks out energy weapons (smoldering as it becomes singed). This greatly reduces the damage Ting actually suffers from attacks. Ting fights with a wild fury, claws and teeth used to best advantage. He has been known to completely shred an attacker in a powered battlesuit, armor and all. One swipe of a paw can behead an opponent. Ting can talk, though he usually lets Bernie or Victor speak for him, and he knows about as much as Victor does, having learned alongside Victor in school. Ting’s front paws have dexterity comparable to human hands, allowing him to hold and manipulate objects. Arcturian cat-bears are semi-telepathic, communicating at distances via mental imagery. Ting can leap over 35 ft. across a level, 50 ft. straight up, and will twist mid-fall to land on his feet. The extreme gravity of ArenaWorld does not seem to phase him, as Ting doesn’t even slow down when crossing from one gravity-level to another. When Ting sheds his old coat, he leaves behind a huge pile of fur, yet no one has ever seen him minus his fur - it seems to be replaced simultaneously.

Weapons Used: Teeth, claws, double bladed battle axe.

History: Ting was taken from his mother before his eyes and ears had opened, and sold as a PET on a distant world, to owners who didn’t realize he was intelligent. He escaped, and made his way to a local school’s playground, where he met and befriended Victor. A few years later, when Victor became an orphan, Ting became his constant companion. Ting also befriended Bernie, when Victor and Bernie were adopted by another family, and moved to ArenaWorld. Ting agreed with Victor and Bernie, helping them set up and run House Burning Victory.

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