Character Details - Victor Malakim

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Victor Malakim

Celestial, Malakim (Warrior-cast)

9 yrs. Old

4'6"tall, with a wingspan of 15' (feathered wings)

bipedal humanoid with large, feathered wings; 75lbs.

Hair: Golden light brown with red highlights; feathers are glistening white opalescent with hints of peacock-like markings

Eyes: Color of an oil slick on water

Complexion: Caucasian tan

Identifying marks: Overlapping scars on torso, arms, and legs

Clothing: Usually long sleeves, pants, and sneakers

Personal items usually carried: Emblem of Ownership, House Burning Victory

Personality: Tending towards quiet and reserved, Victor becomes outspoken whenever he witnesses something he believes is wrong. Usually gentle and somewhat shy, he becomes an embodiment of some sort of divine wrath in the face of injustice - especially if perpetrated by authority figures. Lately, Victor has been learning to temper his reactions, with varying degrees of control and success. He has been trying to balance his own involvement in ArenaWorld against his sense of injustice and divine wrath.

Occupation: Owner on ArenaWorld

Skills and abilities: Malakim exist outside of time; to them, everything happens simultaneously; while to observers, a Malakim can be several places at once, and any age at any time - but Victor has a birth defect in the internal structure that permits Malakim to exist thus; leaving him currently moving through time as those around him do. Flying, Celestial Cuisinart, can know at a glance both the most honorable and the least honorable thing anyone around him has ever done, hand to hand combat, general weapons use, grav suit use, powered battlesuit piloting, video games

Weapons used: Flaming swords(manifestations of divine wrath), Wall of Repulsion, Blade Wall, Feather Blades (each feather becomes a vorpal blade, capable of slicing through any substance, including the fabric of space-time)

History: Victor was born and spent the first seven years of his life with his parents, and both sets of grandparents. Returning from school one day, Victor found his family dead. The homicidal maniac who killed them captured Victor while he was in shock, chaining him to the basement walls of his house. After a long period of torture and degradation, Victor almost went insane, before managing to wrest free of the shackles and crawl to safety. He was found near death by his friend Ting, who carried him to the hospital. Recovering in the hospital, Victor was able to identify his assailant as the social worker from his school, who was arrested and died mysteriously while in custody. Victor was adopted by semi-retired Malakim T. Larsson, who also adopted Bernie and welcomed Ting. They moved to ArenaWorld, where T. Larsson works as a lawyer on retainer for two Houses.

At the first arena event Victor witnessed - he’d been smuggled in by a friend of T. Larsson’s - Victor overheard a drunken Owner berating his stock, declaring them fit only for the meat market. Victor’s sense of injustice stirred, as he, Bernie, and Ting pooled their money to buy out the Owner before he could sell his stock to the meat merchants. Thus did the trio become House Burning Victory, saving the last of House d’Toro’s famous Minotaur stock from becoming dinner. Victor struck a deal with the Minotaurs; he would grant them their freedom as soon as their winnings repaid - exactly - what he paid for them. Until then, their upkeep, care and feeding came out of his pocket. Victor nursed them back to health, paying for their care out of what little money he had managed to inherit - and Bernie helped too, with money from his job as an "Expressions" salesman. Victor learned how best to care for his stock by asking the Minotaurs themselves what they needed to be healthy. He finally entered some of them in a show, and when one won, he gave her the prize money - she had earned it. When she approached Victor about buying her freedom, he only charged what she had initially cost him, thereby winning the loyalty of the rest of the Minotaurs House Burning Victory held. Victor also arranged her safe passage offworld, insuring she would never again be so enslaved. He maintains this policy even now.

Victor treats every being that Burning Victory holds as friends, not slaves; treating each with dignity and respect. He has gone out of his way trying to re-unite families that were sold apart, and sees to it that each being has correct, comfortable living quarters equal to his own.

Victor’s unwelcome ideas and concepts of justice have earned him some enemies - including House Starblade, long time allies to House d’Toro. After several border skirmishes with House Starblade, Victor repaired an old powered battlesuit to repel their attacks. House Starblade didn’t know Victor was a Malakim, and thinking they were dealing with mere children, launched an all-out assault. Something in the ensuing battle triggered a flash-back episode for Victor, who totally wiped all members of House Starblade out, even those members manning their space station. It was the first time he manifested flaming swords, and the first time he became a Celestial Cuisinart; indeed, it was the first time any of his major abilities activated. The resultant destruction impressed most of the other Houses enough that few have moved against this upstart House led by children. House Burning Victory absorbed the holdings of the now-defunct House Starblade, thereby becoming one of the three most powerful shipping magnates on ArenaWorld.

House Burning Victory is a strong proponent for the rights of intelligent beings. Victor is hard at work, with the help of T. Larsson, trying to find some loopholes in ArenaWorld bylaws that would allow the intelligent slaves the same rights as Owners. The problem stems from the definition of intelligence employed by the Founding Houses of ArenaWorld.

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illustration by Yukiru Sugisaki