Character Details - Ronyan Ny'em

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Name:  Ronyan Ny'em
Age:   1349 Aerdonian years
Race:  Silver Kin'oth (Aerdonian Silver Dragon)
Height: 5' 8"
Weight: I wouldn't ask her if I were you.
Hair:  Pale blonde, usually in rows of tiny braids and tied back
Eyes:  Range from lavender to pale grey, depending on lighting and her mood
Full draconic length:
Bond status:  None, save the Silver Guard bond
Relationship status:  None

Appearance:  Ronyan is of average height and build for a Silver in two-legger form.  She can easily be mistaken for an Elf of almost any race, and generally wears her waist length hair in dozens of tiny braids.  Her clothing are almost always grey fighting leathers or Ranger garb, but will wear the clothing of her birth House from time to time.  These garments consist of a long, split skirt, a peasant type blouse, and a corset over that.  These type of clothing are rarely worn unless it is a holiday or some other special occassion.  It is extraordinarily rare to find her with her hair unbound.

Background:  Ronyan comes from a very poor, Minor Silver House located deep in the Silmetaura.  Traditionally, her house is allied to the Eldredae, and serve a ranger-type function.  How Ronyan came to the Keep is not something she cares to discuss.

Ronyan can neither read nor write, but was taught to play some musical instruments.  The Ranger's Pipe is one such instrument, as well as an instrument similar to Terran's Hammered Dulcimer.  She enjoys composing tunes, but wishes she knew how to write her music on paper.

Personality:  It is not good to push Ronyan, make fun of her House's lack of status, or to point out her illiteracy.  As many of the Black and Silver Guard have discovered, she has no problems fighting to cover the awkwardness she feels when made fun of.

Weapons skills:  Ronyan is a natural when it comes to using the Storm.  Controlling the results is another think altogether.  It has been known to snow inside the Baraks from time to time and more than one Black has been caught in the showers which turn to sleet.  Ronyan is skilled with the recurve bow and in hand-to-hand combat, prefers Elven long-knives.

Little known facts:  Hoardes Pez dispensers  and bobble head dolls- Want to make her smile?  Give her one.  They just never get old to her... 

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Kristanna Loken as Brunhilda from The Dragon King