Character Details - Drew Walks the Silver Path

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aka Andrew Daniel Jackson III, aka Walks the Silver Path

Race: Loup Garou

Age: 18

Apparent Age: Young Adult

Appearance: Depends on current form; see below.

Height/Weight: Depends on current form; see below.

Complection: Smooth pale Caucasian skin/ pure white fur(glowing white)

Hair/Eyes coloration: White hair/ palest blue-silver eyes

Identifying marks: Most obvious are the many multi-colored gem-like cabochons studding his forehead, torso, and limbs, each one glowing with its own inner light in various jewel-tones. After that, the huge silvery-white feathered wings sprouting from his torso. Get any closer than that, and you’ll find out - though surviving might be a trick.

Skills/Abilities: Transformation(multi-forms of loup garou), opening paths through realities to other places, times,.... Fighting, sword, claws, fangs, glave, Luna’s Armor, Luna’s Fire, pass without trace, unscented, flying, areal combat, speak with spirits, adaptation, Faery Friend, Falcon’s Chosen, Defender of Gaia, Luna’s Blessing, tribal gifts of White Howlers and Silver Fangs,.......... Literate, natural leader, common sense, resist toxins, resist silver, regeneration, metamorph(smooth, immediate transformation into desired form), endurance; auspice gifts(Ragabash), juggling, cat’s grace, tracking, hunting, wilderness lore and survival

As a Loup Garou, Drew has five distinct forms: Homid, Glabro, Crinos, Hispo, and Lupine. When he’s Homid, Drew is roughly 6'8" tall, somewhat muscular, pale in coloration. When he’s in Glabro, he’s roughly 7' tall, more heavily muscular, and hairier. In Crinos, he’s a bipedal dire wolf, standing roughly 12' tall, solid purest shining white furred. In Hispo, he’s an oversized dire wolf, roughly 8' tall at the shoulder when on all fours. As his Lupine form, he’s roughly 6' tall at the shoulder on all fours - and still looks like a dire wolf. In his Crinos, Hispo, and Lupine forms, he looks large-pawed and somewhat gangly-legged, due to his youth. No matter his form, the wings and gem-like studs are present.

Drew’s clothing is attuned to him, so that it vanishes as he transforms, and re-appears when he transforms back.

Born in Homid form to the last untainted White Howler Kinfolk and the last known Silver Fang Loup Garou, Drew spent his tumultuous childhood in and out of hospitals and foster homes. When he underwent his first Change, he was in the midst of a violent argument with his drunken father, who had shown up to reclaim him from his current foster home. In the aftermath of that, Drew slipped away, going to live with his friends while he sorted things out.

Transformation for him is effortless; giving rise to the problem of transforming unexpectedly as his moods shift. Thus, his stay with friends was short-lived, and he quickly took off on his own.

Since then, Drew has made new friends; different friends... some of which he probably should have avoided. He has also become Chosen by Falcon, and a true Defender of Gaia, Blessed by Luna, and a Faery Friend. It was after eating some Faery food that the gem-like studs erupted through his skin; Drew is still trying to figure out what they are, and what they’re for. They are sensitive to touch, glow with their own inner light, and react to magic around him, sometimes giving him a boost of energy, sometimes the glowing flares brightly, to odd effect. The studs appear in several sizes - from the size of a pencil eraser, up to 3" across. They are in a range of colors, arranged in some sort of pattern on his head, torso, and limbs.

As a Ragabash - born during the dark phase of the moon - or prankster, he is skilled in many kinds of tricks, from simple sleight of hand to difficult feats of manipulation. He is also less likely to resort to violence, preferring to use his head, rather than lose it.

As a new pack Alpha, Drew is taking a casual approach to leadership - listening to the members of his pack and thinking things through before acting, taking their thoughts and experience into consideration. This does not mean he’s slow to act, he simply examines the situation concisely to avoid making rash decisions. Drew still goes off on his own from time to time, but always keeps tabs on his pack. He never wanted the position - the pack chose him as their Alpha, to replace his father. Drew is avoiding his father’s mistakes, thus far, preferring to lead by example rather than by force.

Slow to anger, Drew is generally good-natured and self-confident, encouraging confidence in those around him. He has the sense to know when to heed advice, and when to follow his instincts. Gentle around children and cubs, he enjoys playing and would rather do that than lead the pack. Still, he attends to his responsibilities, placing the welfare of the pack over his own.

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