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Eva Rose Water (a.k.a. Eva DeLarosa)

RACE:  Human (Gypsy)                      AGE:  22 years old

HEIGHT:  5'8"                                       WEIGHT:  135 lbs. (Terra)

COMPLEXION:  Light Tan              EYE COLOR:  Light Maroon

HAIR:  Black with curls towards the ends hanging down to the middle of her back

IDENTIFYING BODY MARKS:  Black tattoo outline of a rose on lower back 

BUILD/FITNESS: Lean, slender, Pop bottle silouette. Long legs. Looks more fragile than she is. Is very energetic, athletic, and acrobatic.


Dress- Long black silhoette dress flowing from the hips down with a maroon underdress

Shoes- Black leather, knee high, high heel boots

Coat- Scarlet colored robe

Jewlry- Silver Necklace with a deep red almost maroon circular ruby outlined in silver and silver hoop earrings

PHYSICAL WEAPONS Two 12" daggers strapped to both thighs.

Personal Information:

Mother: Maria Delarosa (Human/Werewolf)

Father: Pier Alejandro Delarosa (Human/Vampire)

Twin Brother: Ayiden DeLarosa a.k.a. Ayiden Night stocker (Vampire/Werewolf)

Boyfriend: Alexander Estrellia (Human-was mortally wounded so brother turned him. Making him into a Vampire/Werewolf.)

Tribe: Enantief meaning “Enchanting Thieves”

Profession: Thief and Belly Dancer at times dances with her daggers.

S Likes enclosed places (feels secure)


S Skilled with short blades

S Knife throwing

Background information


No one knows exactly where Eva and Ayiden were born. Her family were gypsies, traveling from place to place never staying in any one place for long. Every night since Eva and her brother were born they were put into a cage made of silver inside of a traveling wagon. The wagons windows were blacked out and had silver bars on them.

At first, her father would stay with her caring for her till she was of age to stay by herself. Her mother was never very close to her and showed very little affection. On their seventh birthday her brother was allowed to stay out of the cage at night leaving Eva by herself. She could never understand why Ayiden was treated better than she was. Even with that, Ayiden and her grew up very close, practically inseparable except for at night.

When she turned twelve she was taught by the women of her tribe the art of belly dancing. By her father she was trained in the trade of a thief even at the objection of her mother. By the time she was sixteen she had mastered both arts and learned to use them to complement one another. She would seduce men with her belly dancing while at the same time taking from them their jewelry or pouches of money without them even noticing. By the time the men finished their drinking and noticed what had happen she was long gone.

She was caught once and would have been killed had it not been for Alexander coming to her rescue. His skills with the sword and his natural charm caught her attention and soon after they became a pair. Alexander was appointed as her guardian by her father and never left her side. He was the one that taught her how two defend herself with the blades. On their one year anniversary he presented to her two blades made of silver one side lined with gold. Every night when she was kept in her cage he would sleep by her cage at times sneaking inside. She argued with him at times due to him allowing her parents to continue locking her in the cage night after night but he would never explain why.

One night Eva noticed that Alexander had not come to her. After so many months of trying to use an unlock spell that she had learned from one of the tribes wise women she unlocked her cage and escaped from the wagon that held her captive to search for Alexander.

She heard a sound coming from the woods and went to investigate. What she saw scared her for life. Her father was with her mother at a campfire. She was able to see her father’s eyes. They were blood red a color she had never seen them before when he looked into the fire they shined like a cats eye in the moonlight. Her mother was screaming in pain, at least that’s what she thought. Her mother was transforming in to her werewolf form. Shocked of what she saw she ran to find her brother and tell him what she had seen.

Eva found her brother in his Vampire/Werewolf form leaning of her boyfriend’s body whom at the moment appeared dead. Ayiden’s mouth covered in Alexander’s blood. She screamed then ran away weeping never to return again to this family she found she knew very little about and the brother whom had killed her one true love.

Marital Status: Single    Children: None

Blood or Soul Bonds: None

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