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Valin is the eldest son of Y'Roden D'Riel and Summerlin Alcarin
Physical Description:

*Name: Valin D’Riel
Meaning of Name: Blessed Spirit (Happy) Surging Soul
*Race: S'Hean/Human/Elen
*Age: 594 (Resurrected as of The Awakening)
Apparent Age (if different): Early Twenties
*Height: 6’4
*Build/Weight: Heavy-muscled Warrior’s Build
*Hair: Chestnut, worn short
*Eyes: Emerald Green
Complexion: Golden Tan
*Identifying Marks (if present):
D'Riel Insignia with emeralds embedded on left shoulder blade.
Clothing: Black leather trousers, lace up shirts, black hunting boots
Dragon Self: Blue-Black(deceased as of The Awakening)
Personal Items usually carried:

Personal Information:
*Personality: Valin has a calm, sober sort of personality. His temper is slow to rise, but dangerous once provoked.
*Occupation: King of Corin
*Skills and Abilities:
Magic: Valin is a mix of his heritage. He has a D'Riel conduit, he can wield the Aethyr, Canopy Skim, commune with animals and the usual attraction to water. As an Elen, he can commune with the trees.
Weapons: He is a more than capable warrior, and wields a half and a half sword, or bastard sword, like his Father's.
*Weapons Used: Bastard-Sword

Background Information:
*History: For the first five hundred years of his life, Valin was the only child of Y'Roden and Summerlin. He lived a charmed existence, the pride and joy of both his parents. All of that changed when his Grandfather, Gareth Alcarin, attempted to ursurp the throne in Alcarinque. His Father was off Planet, and his Mother was taken captive. Taking his new-born sister Si'Lyen, Valin fled to safety. Hiding in the home of a loyal supporter of the true heir of Alcarinque he awaited rescue.

Y'Roden and Summerlin had never married, and due to circumstances, Alcarinque was no longer safe, so upon his return Ro took his children away, ensuring their safety on his home planet, within the city of Corin.

Because he was not the result of a legal marriage, Valin will never inherit the throne of Corin. For a century of so he was bitter towards his father, but the love of a woman changed him for the better. Anaya is his salvation, his love, and his life.
They eloped early on in Corin and now the couple lives in Castle Corin, making frequent trips to the planet of Ingraleis.

Several years later his Great-Uncle Tallin invaded Corin, killing Valin's Grandparents and taking over the Castle. When the forces of darkness were defeated, Y'Roden stepped down to take over the Kingdom of S'Hea, and named Valin as his heir. Valin and Anaya were officially married and crowned King and Queen of Corin.

During Hell's Fire, Anaya was taken and presumed dead, the bond between them broken. Valin slowly died as a result, leaving Gardor Wyvern as Regent over Corin.

During The Awakening, Valin was resurrected and began the quest to retake his throne. Several things have changed, however, his eyes have turned D'Riel Emerald Green since his ressurection, and his Alcarin-Dragon did not resurrect with him.
*Marital Status: Widower (Anaya Mars Corinth D'Riel)
*Children: Ce'Leste, Va'Lan, An'Lin
*Blood or Soul Bonds:
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Other Information or Things that may be discovered by your character:

  • Valin's eyes are cat-slit and faceted emerald-green
  • When Valin is using 'Aethyr' the scent of 'ozone' will permeate the air
  • Water is irresistible to S'Hean elves, as a result Valin is hard pressed not to strip down and jump in anytime the opportunity presents itself
  • On planets with lighter gravity than Whispin's (which would be nearly all of them aside from Arun) Valin is faster and stronger.
  • D'Riels are well known for their appetitive and most folks will try to get to a buffet table before they do if they want to get anything to eat
  • When healing someone else's wound, it will reappear on him and then heal rapidly

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